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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Fish feed trainer Anthony Smith admits £4.7m grants fraud

Fish feed trainer Anthony Smith admits £4.7m grants fraud

Cardiff Crown Court

Image caption

Anthony Smith’s box was shelved for judgment during Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday

A businessman has pleaded guilty to defrauding a EU and Welsh Government after claiming £4.7m in grants to rise an choice to fish feed.

The try was ostensible to emanate adult to 120 jobs, though Anthony Smith, 72, combined 7 positions and used a income for other purposes, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Smith, from Port Talbot, pleaded guilty to 3 depends of fake trading.

Two others certified their impasse during apart justice hearings.

After a hearing, Janet Potter from a CPS dilettante rascal division, pronounced Smith had “promised to make Wales a universe personality in a aquaculture industry, though instead he abused a system”.

“Not usually did Anthony Smith extravagantly exaggerate how most income had been spent, though he done adult stories about projects that never existed,” she said.

The income was authorized in 2006 to assistance rise a plant to routine ragworm for bait, and ponds in that to back them in Port Talbot and Pendine, Carmarthenshire.

Ragworm is used to make fish food for a blurb zone and is a source of protein.

But Smith unsuccessful to lift out his obligations and used a income to squeeze machine that was not partial of his strange focus for his firms; Dragon Research, Dragon Feeds and Dragon Baits.

Smith’s prior business ventures enclosed tact worms for anglers that won environmental awards.

Colin Mair, 68, of Coningsby, Lincolnshire, who helped Smith run Dragon Research, certified one count of fake trade during a apart hearing.

And Keith Peters, 72, of Swansea, a late franchised accountant, certified dual depends of fake accounting.

The 3 will be condemned on 10 May.

A Welsh Government orator said: “We co-operated entirely with this review to safeguard that open income was recovered and protected, and tightened procedures to revoke a risk of this form of fake activity function again.”

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