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Fish of a Week: Always a locate in open rivers

Whether it’s floods or industry, there’s customarily a new pool to check out as your internal stream changes any season.

Near my home, a supermarket float – a bit behind a large store – is a protected gamble for a dusk yet serve down, a new trail had been put in and there was entrance to some tools that aren’t mostly fishable.

I was operative by regulating a twin to cover a water, that we reckon is fishing both dries and nymphs during a same time yet my companion says is conjunction one nor a other.

The object was out high in a sky and with a small zephyr on a water, we reckoned there should be some terrestrials floating on to a H2O – so upstream with a black Klinkhammer was a best gamble to start with.

I’d had a integrate of takes when another angler came along for a bit of discuss and a universal, “Catching anything?” greeting.

I’d had zero yet, to be fair.

He said: “Not surprised. You’ll not get most down here. This bit is not even value fishing – generally with a object like this. Waste of time.”

Fish of a Week leader George Paterson

Fish of a Week

This week’s Daiwa Fish of a Week leader is George Paterson, who held this enormous sea-liced springer salmon on a Tay during Stanley.

The fish took a harled Tomic in a famous Pitlochrie pool and put adult a superb fight, going on a 40-50-yard initial run before crashing about on a surface.

It took during slightest 3 some-more prolonged runs lashing about as George and a ghillie followed it.

After a good 20 minutes, they eventually landed it – utterly an overwhelming fish and, for an 80-year-old angler, something really special.

Send your entrance to: Fish of a Week, Glasgow Angling centre, Unit 1, Point Retail Park, 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HT, or email with a print and your full residence to


Usually if I’m fishing with an assembly around, I’ll hang my flies around a tree or take a event into a water. But his melancholy was met with an evident splashy arise and an unmissable take.

Then came a discerning fight, a primitive spirit guesstimated during a pound and a new companion quizzing me on a set-up we was regulating before streamer on his way.


The uptake in a continue has put a fish on a feed or a fishermen on a bank over a Easter weekend judging by a Fish of a Week entrants and I’d managed to collect adult fish on Nymph, Dries and even a double hook-up.

So, buoyed by some good fitness after a few fake starts to a stream season, we headed behind out in a dusk while we waited for a missus to finish work, aiming for a dusk landowner run during a shops.

On a approach though, we clocked someone fishing slap crash in a waste-of-time mark that was producing progressing and, surprisingly enough, when we stopped by for a quick, “Caught anything” discuss it was a kid that had been dismissing a float who contingency have motionless in a meantime it was good value fishing.

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