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Fish of a Week: Life’s a beach for holiday fishing

It’s holiday time so hopefully some of we have been unctuous a rods in on a family outing or removing a kids out throwing while they’ve been off school.

I’m streamer down to see family in a Solway so we devise to puncture some ragworm with my diminutive niece and nephew during low waves to maybe collect adult flounders and dabs on a flood.

A bit of rockpooling and striking about is always a good approach to get a diminutive ones meddlesome – I’ll be doing a primer labour, though.

If you’re sport raggies , keep an eye out for a tide.

Seek out some damaged murky or sandy locations with pretty organisation belligerent that’s well-exposed during a vast low tide, something like easeful harbours or estuaries.

It’s easiest on firm, sandy belligerent – wading about by gummy sand in harbours isn’t suggested unless we know a area and what you’re doing.

Fish of a Week

This week’s Daiwa Fish of a Week leader is Steven Paterson with his illusory river-caught pike.

Steven was fishing a popped-up pollan on a tiny Scottish stream that he suspected was home to some vast pike.

Late in a afternoon, he had a run and after a absolute fight, this well-conditioned fish was safely in a net as only prerogative for his tough work.

Send your entrance to: Fish of a Week, Glasgow Angling centre, Unit 1, Point Retail Park, 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HT, or email with a print and your full residence to


When we do find them, they’ll be in straight burrows and hopefully in utterly high densities so it shouldn’t take prolonged to get adequate for a session, quite if you’re not after specimens.

When you’re walking on a beach, keep an eye out for a tell-tale holes and dimples to locate an area where a worms have fled behind to their den, pulling H2O out as they go down.

Dig around those and accumulate your attract as we go.

Pevious World Flounder Trampling Championships during Palnackie

When we have adequate bait, rinse off your collection and afterwards fill a container with uninformed seawater, rinsing a worms entirely and separating any damaged worms out.

If you’re not certain about sport raggies, they are accessible in tackle shops.

Flatfish like teeter and dabs are substantially a many common class to see on a beach.

Even if you’re only carrying a paddle, they’ll have finished spawning and are starting to come behind adult into a shallows, with some-more appearing in a subsequent month or so as we pierce north.


Fishing a elementary legered set-up or flattie supply baited adult with ragworm sloping by a square of mackerel frame on a long-shank hooks in distance 1-2 is ideal in Scotland and really easy to pitch out.

They’re mostly held during unusually brief distances. If you’re out with a kids, a expel of 10 yards on an incoming waves is going to be plenty.

As a waves starts to inundate in, a teeter will be right adult during a water’s corner in hunt of food picked adult by a incoming tide.

It’s that initial 10 yards of H2O that we need to noise your baited trace.

Palnackie, down in Dumfries and Galloway, hosts a World Flounder Trampling Championships in a summer.

If we can get them with your feet, afterwards certainly we’ll get a integrate with uninformed bait!

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