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Fish of a Week: Tracking a hulk Atlantic bluefin tuna

We’ve seen a spate of tuna sightings in UK waters and, in turn, there has been a pull for a change in a legislation to concede anglers to fish for them.

Big diversion fish could infer to be a profitable apparatus from Cornwall, by a Celtic deeps off south-west Wales and via a Western Isles of Scotland, where there have been hundreds of sightings.

Tuna bonds in UK waters have usually declined from a large numbers that were once landed out of harbours like Scarborough by large diversion anglers.

Since a 50s, it had depressed divided to roughly nothing.

Overfishing and a decimation of a herring bonds are a expected means of a decrease and, by a 90s, Atlantic bluefin tuna were a singular fish and globally recognized as endangered.

Scotland is home to some of a best movement licence fishing in a world.

With live recover charters, we inspire obliged angling and are operative with conservationists to lane a race of that hulk in a waters.

Fish of a Week

This week’s leader of a Daiwa Fish of a Week is Keith Reid.

Keith held this rise condition dart on a glorious day in a vessel on a Scottish loch to start his autumn campaign.

He was set adult to tackle large dart and his clever rigging was good matched opposite this pleasing fish.

It put adult a fantastic quarrel before being netted, unhooked and expelled safely.

Send your entrance to: Fish of a Week, Glasgow Angling centre, Unit 1, Point Retail Park, 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HT, or email with a print and your full residence to

The intentional intrigue provides information on a critically involved class that is now a most sought after sportfish.

One of a china linings of a Brexit negotiations, if there is such a thing, is a probability of substantiating a recreational fishery for these big game fish.

A fisherman shows off a large bluefin tuna

The introduction of a live-release competition fishery would broach a significantly larger mercantile return, per ton, than a normal blurb fishery, with advantages widespread opposite coastal communities.

Without a share allocation for recreational fishing, anglers can’t target, fish for or land bluefin tuna.

The introduction of recreational angling for bluefin tuna within a well-regulated fishery, with gratification and sustainability of a bluefin during a core, would accelerate fish bonds and inspire conservation.

It could also make despotic licensing, with manners ruling tackle requirements, restricting a series of hookups per day and tying times to minimise fish losses.

What does that meant in genuine terms? For 100 fish caught, rather than have only a value of 100 passed bluefin – about £300,000 – we emanate hundreds of licence vessel opportunities.

Applying standard daily licence rates for recreational bluefin angling, a licence income intensity alone dwarfs a blurb dockside value but factoring in advantages such as hotels, restaurants etc.

Go to and The Angling Trust for sum on a legislation.

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