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Fish of a week: Washing day

THE weather’s been a bit all over a place. It’s left from shorts and T-shirt behind to scraping a automobile in a morning and flurries of sleet to start a week.

The ubiquitous arise in vigour and temperatures should make it a good weekend for fishing even if it’s a bit damp, though.

I’m going to try to get out on a lake this weekend so I’ve been checking in on a boatyard webcam and a lake blog for a heads-up on conditions and catches.

The amiable conditions during a finish of Mar and aloft H2O temps seem to be assisting to get a fish some-more active, with surface- feeding trout being picked adult on a dries and good numbers of reported fish being held on a soaking line method, display that they are aloft adult in a water.

While a lake is a large bit of H2O and fish are being held all over, one set of anglers pronounced they were spotting birds swooping and targeting those areas.

If you’ve ever been out on a vessel outing during sea, we know a skipper will use a gulls to lane attract fish and hopefully a shoals next them.

On large waters fish anglers can do a same by following flocks of residence martins picking off hatching insects.

Fingers crossed a fish are feeding too.

The soaking line is a good approach of targeting fish high adult in a H2O column, routinely by regulating dual jugs or expansive froth patterns as posts that we hang pseudo nymphs or buzzers in between, that keeps them in a holding section longer.

My casting isn’t unequivocally adult to fishing 4 flies. I’ll tend to use a singular froth settlement on a indicate and a tip of my floating line as a other post.

As we collect a line we also lift a dropper patterns towards a surface, mimicking a hatching insect.

I’ve had fish seem from nowhere to spike a dropper as I’ve started to pierce them. My go-tos are a popper hopper or a white cat booby, fished sincerely immobile with occasional delayed draws or pointy pulls to cocktail a tip settlement to pull fish in and lift a dropper patterns.

It can be an positively lethal process on a right day.

I onslaught to fish immobile nymphs or a bung from a boat, though examination a indicate settlement like a dry stops me putting off a fish by being too active.

Weather or not, I’ll be out, waterproofs on, flask full and hopefully a fish or dual hung out on a line.

Fish of a week

This week’s Fish of a Week leader is Kenny sichi with his stimulating spey salmon. it took a tiny black and yellow gorilla tube fly afterwards ran up
and down a pool for 25 mins before a ghillie managed to net it. A new PB held and safely returned. Kenny said: “The quarrel was illusory and i’ll never forget that initial take. Everything about a fish was perfect.”

Send your entrance to: Fish of a Week, Glasgow Angling Centre, Unit 1, Point Retail Park, 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HT, or email with a print and your full residence to


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