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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Fisherman drowned when his new life coupler unsuccessful to keep him afloat after epileptic fit sent him overboard, inquisition …
Llandegfedd resevoir

Fisherman drowned when his new life coupler unsuccessful to keep him afloat after epileptic fit sent him overboard, inquisition …

A penetrating angler drowned when his new lifejacket unsuccessful to save him as he fished during a beauty spot, an inquisition has heard.

Experienced angler Angus Rae, 51, defeated into 30ft of H2O from a vessel when he suffered an epileptic fit.

He won a esteem to fish during a fountainhead – and bought a new £60 Parmaris lifejacket for his trip.

But a self-inflating lifejacket he was wearing for a initial time did not spin 18st Mr Rae onto his behind as he struggled in a water.

It was a initial time Mr Rae, a penetrating angler given he was a child, had ragged a self inflating lifejacket.

Friend desperately attempted to strech him

His crony Simon Ladd attempted desperately to strech his messenger with an oar though couldn’t save him.

Mr Ladd said: “Angus was during a unrelenting of a vessel when he unexpected he fell into a water.

“He was submerged underneath a H2O before a life coupler arrogant and he came to a surface.”

Other fishermen circuitously hold him above a H2O by his shoulders before dual fountainhead rangers managed to lift him out.

But notwithstanding being given CPR from a rangers and, later, paramedics Mr Rae could not be revived.

The inquisition listened a father-of-two had won a raffle to fish for dart during Llandegfedd fountainhead near Cwmbran

Former tree surgeon Mr Rae, of Minsterley, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, had suffered dual prior seizures in a months before a tragedy, a inquisition during Newport was told.

‘He was wearing his new life jackets’

His widow Alison, 51, wept as she told a inquest: “He had researched life jackets on a internet. He wasn’t endangered about fishing again since he was wearing his new life jackets and he felt safe.”

Coroners officer Jon Lewis told a inquisition that Mr Rae had bought a Parmaris life coupler during a emporium in Ludlow, Shropshire.

He said: “It is tolerable for use in impassioned conditions though when wearing complicated wardrobe it will not self right.”

The inquisition listened he was wearing a bombard coupler and jumper and waterproof trousers.

Gwent emissary coroner Wendy James said: “Mr Rae bought a life coupler after substantial investigate and was wearing it for a initial time. It gave him a clarity of confidence since he suspicion it would spin him onto his back.

“He believed he had taken adequate precautions by wearing a life jacket.”

The coroner ruled Mr Rae’s genocide was accidental, and that he drowned after pang an epileptic fit.

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