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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Fisherman left disorder after £570 rod churned off Saltburn Pier by kite surfer during ’60 or 70mph’

Fisherman left disorder after £570 rod churned off Saltburn Pier by kite surfer during ’60 or 70mph’

A somersaulting kite surfer churned a fishing rod off Saltburn Pier “like a javelin” – withdrawal a owners reeling.

Furious fisherman Peter Tomlinson, 72, has oral of his annoy after his £570 rigging was sent drifting into a North Sea during “60 or 70 miles per hour”.

Mr Tomlinson, from Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, had been enjoying an afternoon during a strand on a breezy day before a occurrence left him “feeling sick”.

He pronounced a zigzagging kite surfer was drifting along from a Redcar instruction when his day was ruined.

Mr Tomlinaon was fishing off Saltburn Pier
(Image: Teesside Live)

The licentiate told Teesside Live: “I tied my rod to a railings, all of a sudden, this kite surfer came out a post and a rod went true over a end.

“I gamble it went 60 or 70mph.

“The surfer incited turn and saw what he had finished and he legged it behind to Redcar.”

File print of a kite surfer
(Image: Brian Lawless/PA Wire)

The fishing fanatic, who has a train in Topcliffe, nearby Thirsk, so he can revisit a North-east seashore with mother Kathleen, 65, added: “What’s creation me insane is we bought this rod and it cost me £400.

“It’s a tip of a operation rod, a tilt was about £170.”

The angler pronounced he wants to advise kite surfers not to get so tighten to a pier, fearing they “will kill” someone and urged fishermen to keep an eye on their rods.

Mr Tomlinson pronounced a kite surfer came from a Redcar direction
(Image: Gordon Simpson)

He said: “It’s done me feel as yet I’m an idiot, it’s something a man couldn’t predict.

“It went like a pike over a finish of a pier.”

Mr Tomlinson pronounced a occurrence happened during around 1.20pm on Jun 22 and a surfer had an orange kite with black bars.

Earlier this year a post distinguished a 150th anniversary in character as around 150 volunteers donned Victorian dress and packaged a seafront.

It’s a renouned mark for fishermen, along with those wanting to wander a 681ft feet out into a sea.


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