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Fishermen take plunge | Great Dunmow & Stansted Airport News

PUBLISHED: 15:27 13 June 2007 | UPDATED: 21:43 29 May 2010

Members of the group haul weed out of the pond  Pic: Sarah Lucy Brown

Members of the group haul weed out of the pond – Pic: Sarah Lucy Brown

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MEMBERS of the Dunmow and District Piscatorial Society (that’s a fishing club) spent the weekend preparing for the new fishing season by making sure their lake was in tip-top condition.

The glorious 16th, as the opening of the new season has become known by the angling fraternity, is now eagerly awaited and a working party headed off to the Easton Perryfields Ponds in Little Easton to put the finishing touches to the waters.

Jon Lovett, DDPS secretary, said: “Throughout the closed season our members have not let the lakes we use fall into a neglected state.

“We have a loyal band of members who consistently turn out on Sunday mornings to keep the club’s waters in pristine shape for the year.”

Among the work that has been done is cutting grass and clearing of undergrowth, banks have been repaired and dead trees have been felled to make way for new ones.

“We pride ourselves on being caretakers of the wildlife and aquatic environment on the beautiful waters that we fish,” said Mr Lovett.

“We are often supported by the local landowners from whom we lease fishing rights and in return we manage their land preventing it from becoming overgrown and improperly fished.”

Currently, DDPS boasts approximately 150 members from all walks of life with a wide range of levels of angling skills.

They have access to the club’s waters which includes lakes at Little Easton, Debden and Great Canfield which hold specimens of carp, roach and bream.

They can also fish stretches along the Chelmer at Felsted and the river Pant in Wethersfield where chub, dace and roach are all there to be lured.

“Fishing is a healthy outdoor sport and, when managed in a club environment, is a good way of getting people of all ages away from the television and computer games,” said Mr Lovett. “Our fishing club is open to people of all ages and we are especially happy to receive applications from young people who can join in the competitions that are held on a regular basis throughout the summer.

“There are plenty of friendly members willing to give advice and assist beginners and fishing gear is very cheap these days. Bait can be as simple as a loaf of bread or a tin of sweet corn or luncheon meat and don’t forget worms, which are free.”

Membership costs £40 per year and £20 initial joining fee. Juniors (under 16) pay £20 and £10 joining and Senior Citizen subscriptions are £20 and joining fee £20.

However, the club is waiving the joining fee to juniors until the end of July. Subscriptions include automatic insurance cover whilst fishing.

For an application form contact Jon Lovett on 01371 873389 or email

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