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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Fishing lake thefts a ‘major problem’ in Essex

Fishing lake thefts a ‘major problem’ in Essex

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In new years, canopy poachers have stolen scores of profitable fish from lakes in Essex

Poaching and predation of fish from lakes and rivers has turn a “major problem”, an anglers’ organisation claims.

Scores of fish, including profitable esteem winners, have dead from lakes, according to Angling Essex.

Anglers censure augmenting numbers of otters preying on fish and thefts of vast specimens by rapist people and gangs.

Nick Watkins, authority of Angling Essex, pronounced in a past decade, it had turn a “major, vital problem”.

Thom Airs, of Angling Times, pronounced a canopy in a lake “was an easy dish for an flexible otter” though increasingly cormorants were settling internal to feed.

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A 30lb canopy can cost as most as £6,000 to replace

Gangs were a problem though they risked showing as a cherished vast fish have particular scale patterns and there was always a risk of them carrying illness to a new lake.

Anecdotally, anglers blamed people from countries whose enlightenment was to locate and eat fish from rivers and lakes, though these numbers would not be vast adequate to make a vast impact.

Mr Watkins echoed those fears and said: “The Polish Anglers Association has been doing a lot of unequivocally good work, going to schools and training youngsters about a laws and enlightenment and what is acceptable.

“People need to realize that if we go to an owned lake and we take a fish, it’s theft.”

Predation by animals was deemed a some-more expected culprit, nonetheless burglary could still have a critical impact.

“Fishing lake owners are demure to plead detriment of fish as their businesses rest on reputation,” Mr Airs said.

“Their lakes could be home to specimens that have grown vast over 30 or 40 years and a detriment could deter anglers.”

‘Wrongly implicated’

Mark Iley, from Essex Wildlife Trust, said: “Both otter and cormorants eat fish and during times come into dispute with anglers and fishery owners.

“Both class are infrequently poorly concerned in a detriment of fish – in ubiquitous otters eat comparatively tiny fish including minnows though can tackle fish adult to several pounds.

“As an angler myself, enjoying [other] wildlife is partial of a whole knowledge of fishing.”

The Environment Agency said: “We are not wakeful of any new incidents of canopy poaching on Essex rivers, though if anyone sees fish being taken illegally afterwards they should hit us.”

An Essex Police orator pronounced they take a emanate “very seriously”.

“Essex Police showed a joining to combating fish burglary and bootleg fishing in 2014 by signing adult to Operation Traverse, that aims to strengthen a county’s fisheries,” he said.

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