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Fishing – Rolling Stone visits Glencorse

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Mick Jagger during Glencorse Reservoir. Picture pleasantness of Bill Taylor

How does one of a biggest names in renouned song relax before a massive, outside gig?

Visit Glencorse Reservoir, of course. Mick Jagger did only that before a Rolling Stones rocked Murrayfield on Saturday night.

And, this weekend, tip anglers foe a Scierra Pairs feverishness during a fountainhead in a Pentland Hills nearby Flotterstone.

Owner Bill Taylor is anticipating for some staid continue and he added: “The new continue has had an inauspicious outcome on fishing.”

The Scierra Pairs feverishness is on Sunday (from 10am to 5pm) with anglers opposed for a place in a Grand Final after this summer on an English reservoir.

The renouned eventuality has been fully-booked for weeks and a foe carries a tip esteem account in British foe fly fishing.

Two anglers fish in a same vessel and limiting manners are kept to a smallest and a foe allows all flies available by a fishery.

If we unsuccessful to get your name down for Sunday afterwards there are dual other opportunities.

The Black Loch feverishness is on Sunday, Jul 1 nearby Falkirk with Lake of Menteith on Sunday, Jul 22. That H2O is nearby Stirling.

Heat winners accept an festooned fleece with a runners-up a Scierra fly line each.

The final is during Grafham Water nearby Cambridge on Sunday, Aug 26 and a tip esteem is £1,500 with a second span receiving £1,000, third £750 and fourth £500.

The fifth to tenth placed pairs accept several products from a sponsors and a best fish on a day carries a esteem of £250.

Meanwhile, obvious internal manager Steve Culbert was top
rod during a Ferrier Pumps invitation eventuality hosted during Loganlea Trout Fishery.

He landed 6 fish to corner second-placed Mark Gray who landed five. Peebles-based Steve was fishing black beetles on a tip of a water.

And black beetles on a indicate and yellow owls on a dropper have been throwing fish during Loganlea this week.

Elsewhere, Derek Herbert from Edinburgh distinguished this week after alighting a fish around 10 pounds during Morton Fishings, a venue for a prior feverishness of a Scierra Pairs.

His black and immature fritz fished on a insect tip worked a provide in a large brook and a fish in a bag of 3 was only brief of his personal best of 11lbs 5oz.

Tweeddale Millennium Fishery nearby Gifford in East Lothian has been fishing good on all pools notwithstanding a new weather.

The fly pools have constructed some good catches on black humongous snakes as good as olive snakes fished on middle lines.

Buzzers and tiny nymphs have also taken fish in good numbers and a Millennium attract pool has fished good regulating energy bait, caterpillar and earth worm.

Meanwhile, on a rivers, Cramond Angling Club (CAC) officials have met a City of Edinburgh Council, Forth Rivers Trust and a Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to plead a Fair a Far Fish pass nearby Cramond.

Excess stone fill downstream of a new pass is a genuine emanate for anglers and CAC officials news a certain meeting.

And on The Tweed, H2O levels are low. Fish are rising and being held though it is some-more formidable as a H2O is transparent and shallow. Best spots are a pools according to secretary Peter Reith.


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