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Fishing – Tweeddale, famed for hard-fighting trout

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Scott Donaldson, your horde during Tweeddale Millennium Fishery

Tweeddale Millennium recently mislaid a Scottish record for a biggest rainbow trout. It was a towering 33lbs 7oz before an angler in another fishery softened that mark.

However, this fishery has a large repute for hard-fighting fish and anglers transport prolonged distances to expel a line during a renouned fishery an easy 10 mins by automobile from a lifelike encampment of Gifford in East Lothian.

I met an unchanging angler from Peebles who had bending 17 in a two-hour event especially regulating a black buzzer. His record there is scarcely 30 in a four-hour stint, by a way.

There are 3 pools, dual fly customarily and one for attract fishing by any authorised process and a fishery is set off a B6355 road.

However, a word of warning. The sat nav can approach we to a circuitously plantation that apparently has a same post formula and not to a fishery.

Also, if we are mislaid afterwards don’t go to a circuitously residence only off a highway as it has a pointer observant basically: don’t worry us.

Thankfully, a rancher pulled over in his tractor and he told me. “It’s only before a cattle grid.” Good advice.

A brief expostulate allows we to strech a fishery that is open to all angling clubs and organisation bookings as good as a ubiquitous public.

Early start fishing can also be had by organised though normal hours (Monday to Wednesday) are 8am to 5pm with 8am to late from Thursday to Sunday.

Freshly-made food, featuring McGills beef and chop pies from Currie, Midlothian, and a operation of filled rolls (including sausage, sliced sausage, bacon, eggs) and sausage rolls are available.

Caramel, German biscuits and even muffins are also customarily on sale on a 16-seat café in a categorical HQ building.

Fishing tackle is also for sale along with a operation of fly restraining materials and Scott Donaldson, who has been there 17 years, will keep we right on all things fishing and food.

Fish sizes operation from 2.5lbs to over 20 pounds in a gin-clear, synthetic ponds and all a fishing is from a bank. There are no boats.

There is good entrance for infirm anglers.

Contact: Scott Donaldson
Address: Tweeddale Millennium Fishery, Gifford, East Lothian EH41 49J
Telephone: 016208 100009

Open: 8am to 5pm (Monday to Wednesday inclusive); 8am to late from Thursday to Sunday
Car park: around 30
Species: brownish-red trout, rainbow fish and blue trout

Basic prices: 8 hours: fly fishing: kill 3 fish and total locate and recover £26; 8 hours locate and recover £17; attract pool: 8 hours kill 6 fish £26
Concessions: Monday to Friday: £1.50 off a kill sheet and £1 off a locate and recover ticket
Season ticket: £10 that guarantees entrance into a money-saving faithfulness label scheme

Rod hire: no
Boats: none
Catching method: fly fishing in dual ponds and attract fishing in a other
Bait: best to move your own
Favourite patterns: buzzers and lures

Pegs: 30 in a large pond, 25 in a smaller pool and no extent in a attract pool
Outings: hit Bill Taylor or Scott Donaldson on a above number

Food: McGills pies and sausage rolls, endless operation of filled rolls, biscuits from McGills Bakery and snacks and cold and prohibited drinks in a 16-seat café

Toilets: dual unisex toilets

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