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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Free youth angling sessions during Wepre Park this summer.

Free youth angling sessions during Wepre Park this summer.

NOTE: This calm is aged – Published: Wednesday, Aug 1st, 2018.

Connah’s Quay Angling Club is charity giveaway fishing lessons to children over a summer holidays during a Rosie in Wepre Park.

Club central are penetrating to see new youth members and have tasked themselves to get some-more youngsters in a village concerned in a sport.

The bar is using several giveaway sessions over a subsequent few weeks, they are on;

  • Saturday 4th August
  • Saturday 11th August
  • Sunday 19th August
  • Sunday 26th August
  • Saturday 1st September

Sessions are being run between 9am to 12pm and an afternoon event 1pm to 4pm.

The sessions are run by competent coaches and dedicated bailiff team.

All tackle and attract is supposing directed during a juniors (6-16 years old).

Sessions are supposing giveaway of assign though a tiny concession towards a using cost would be acquire – though not mandatory.

To book your places greatfully send an Email to:

You will be sent a registration forms once perceived greatfully fill out and lapse ASAP as a spaces do fill adult really quickly.

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