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Fringe benefits: The Welsh performers taking the high road to Edinburgh

I’m With The Band

Who? Wales Millennium Centre and Traverse Theatre Company

What? The WMC may have made a name for itself for staging West End shows but now it’s producing work too. The Cardiff-based company is making its Edinburgh debut with this drama penned by Tim Price – who’s was also responsible for writing National Theatre Wales’ festival offering The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning.

I’m With The Band features an Englishman, a Northern Irishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman who form successful indie band The Union. When financial disaster strikes and Scottish guitarist Barry leaves the band, artistic differences go head to head with alliances that run deep. Can The Union survive? This production is being staged alongside The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning and NoFit State Circus’ Bianco as part of the British Council Showcase.

I’m With The Band will be staged in London at the end of August before going on a UK tour.

Where? Traverse Theatre

When? Today to August 25

The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning
The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning


The Radicalisation Of Bradley Manning

Who? National Theatre Wales

What? Could there be a more relevant time to be reviving this award-winning production from playwright Tim Price which  focuses on Wales-raised 

Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of leaking thousands of military cables to Wikileaks?

Earlier this week, Manning was found guilty of espionage but cleared of aiding the enemy.

Once again, it will be staged  inside a classroom rather  than at a traditional venue.

Where? St Thomas Aquin’s High School

When? August 6 to 25




Who? NoFit State Circus

What? When it premiered Bianco in its home city, the Cardiff company received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. A cast of 16 performers and a live band immerse the audience in an all-consuming promenade experience. NoFit State are no strangers to Edinburgh, having won the Total Theatre Award with Tabù in 2010 and ImMortal in 2007.

Where? NoFit State Big Top, Fountainbridge Brewery

When? Today to August 26


Who? NoFit State Circus

What? A second offering from NoFit State, Noodles merges the barriers between circus and theatre. In a sea of irreverent chaos and a world of knots, wires and spaghetti, a surreal cooking show loses the plot as the noodles take over. Aerialists, hand-balancers, wire-walkers, contortionists and magicians twist and bend the frontiers of reality.

Where? New Town Theatre

When? Today to August 25

L.O.V.E by Volcano Theatre
L.O.V.E by Volcano Theatre



Who? Volcano Theatre

What? The Swansea-based company is visiting Edinburgh with this production directed and choreographed by Nigel Charnock. It is based on Shakespeare’s love sonnets. Three lovers, a poet, a dark lady and a lovely boy, grapple amorously with one another as they wrestle breathlessly with some of the greatest poems in English.

Where? Assembly Roxy

When? Until August 25

The Bloody Ballad

Who? Gagglebabble and Theatr Iolo

What? Featuring Mary and her band The Missin’ Fingers, this is a toe-tapping, rocking, rolling, blood-curdling journey of murder and mayhem. Mary, a girl with a dark past, reveals how she fell in love, got betrayed, killed two men, got taken hostage and then fell in love all over again. This is described as “Brothers Grimm meets Tarantino”.

Where? Assembly Roxy

When? Until August 25

The Meeting Place

Who? Beverley Martyn, Mark Pavey and The Dark Philosophers, Idrissa Camara

What? A feast of musical vitality in the spirit of the 1960’s folk revival. All of the musicians taking part in The Meeting Place will come together for a collaborative celebratory concert.

Where? Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides

When? August 8

Name:  zz020610sue1.jpg

My Name Is Sue

Who? Dafydd James, Ben Lewis and Underbelly Productions

What? The award-winning cult musical hit returns. With virtuosic piano skills, a soaring falsetto and her faithful backing band, Sue brings to life tales of economic bus travel, a Cardiff-based Armageddon and the work of Julia Roberts. The recent Edinburgh warm-up at Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre proved a major hit. To see the review, visit

Where? Underbelly, Bristo Square

When? August 12 to 26

Cinderella Lives!

Who? Aisling Kelly

What? A young woman breaks the mould and finds a new way to tell the world’s most famous fairy tale. Aisling Kiely presents a funny, thought-provoking, retelling of Cinderella. Feminist burlesque, it’s a call to arms for a revolution that has yet to be.

Where? Venue 13

When? From tomorrow to August 24


Who? Richard Burton Company

What? The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’s theatre company are telling the story of Tracy, a Tesco employee who is after world domination in the form of a promotion. Her work colleagues, Tom and Gina, aid her in her life-long quest for perfection on the supermarket shop floor.

Where? Venue 13

When? From tomorrow to August 9

Diary Of A Madman
Diary Of A Madman


Diary Of A Madman

Who? Living Pictures

What? Following successful performances in Wales and the rest of UK, Robert Bowman’s portrayal of the eponymous narrator of Gogol’s story travels to Edinburgh.

Where? Venue 13

When? From tomorrow to August 24


Ioan Hefin as Alfred Wallace
Ioan Hefin as Alfred Wallace

You Should Ask Wallace

Who? Theatr na n’Og

What? During his centenary year, the often overlooked Welsh Victorian scientist, who’s curiosity as to why there are so many different varieties of species was ignited during his formative years in Usk and Neath, is brought back to life on stage in this family show. The play takes audiences through his life as a young boy growing up in Wales to embarking on epic adventures in the Amazon and Malay Archipelago, where he discovered the theory of evolution.

Where? Venue 13

When? August 18 to 21

Helen Griffin in Who's Afraid of Rachel Roberts?
Helen Griffin in Who’s Afraid of Rachel Roberts?


Who’s Afraid Of Rachel Roberts?

Who? Torch Theatre Company

What? Written by Helen Griffin and Dave Ainswort and directed by Peter Doran, this stars Griffin as the Welsh starlet who had award-winning roles in the original kitchen-sink dramas Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, and This Sporting Life. But while Rachel Roberts lived the Hollywood dream through her marriage to Rex Harrison, she became increasingly drunk and shockingly foul-mouthed, leaving a trail of awards, men and debts behind her.

Where? Assembly Roxy

When? Until August 26


Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show

Who? Tin Shed Theatre Company

What? Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is stunningly retold in a play within a play, immersed in the twisted world of a Victorian Freak Show. Having captured and tormented Frankenstein’s monster, one cynical raconteur and his gaggle of gormless goons tread the boards one last time retelling Shelley’s fable – but this night, all shall not end well…

Where? C Venues – C Nova

When? Until August 13


Three Women

Who? Christine Buxton

What?  It is the evening of the crucifixion. Veiled women gather. Wealthy women, and the very poorest, many of whom remain nameless. They live in a land occupied by conquering armies and governed by foreigners. When their male companions flee the scene, the women remain, and watch, and wait. Who were these women? And why were they there?

Where? Greenside

When? Today until August 24


All That Malarkey Presents…

Who? Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

What? All That Malarkey’s repertoire spans operatic classics to RB, musical theatre to cheesy pop, jazz standards to their own original material . Classically trained at RWCMD, the group comprises four singers: Amy, Frances, Colin and Eleias with musical director David George Harrington at the helm.

Where? Venue 13

When? From tomorrow to August 9


Wing It, Dusty

Who? Drama Queens

What? Penned by Teresa Hennessy, the play is about Deirdre and Roni make the perfect couple. Maybe. Deirdre wishes Roni was Julie Andrews; Roni wishes Marni Nixon had dubbed Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia. They don’t even have the same taste in music except for the divine Dusty. Both flawed, but comically grasping onto their world of reality by their fingernails in an attempt to help them get through the most important day of their lives. Planning for their big day, they will make you laugh out loud, but there’s a twist – and will they be left laughing? A brand new high-camp, low-brow comedy.

Where? The Space On The Mile

When? August 12 to 17

The Bespoke Overcoat
The Bespoke Overcoat



The Bespoke Overcoat

Who? Louche Theatre

What? Fender has worked as a lowly clerk in a clothing warehouse for 43 years. His overcoat is threadbare and he longs for a new sheepskin-lined one which his employers sell, but he cannot afford. His tailor friend Morry offers to make him a bespoke overcoat for cost, but before it’s completed Fender dies of cold. Unwilling to give up his desire, he returns as a ghost focused on the overcoat he so coveted in life.

Where? Greenside

When? August 12 to 17


Children Of Mine

Who? Jermin Productions

What? Swansea-based talent school owner Mark Jermin has penned his first play which will mark his Edinburgh debut. It is based on the Aberfan disaster of 1966. The abstract piece plummets its audience into the thick black slurry of devastation, crushing its characters’ physical and mental strengths which forces extreme despair onto the grieving community.

Where? Venue 13

When? From tomorrow until August 24


Gardening: For the Unfulfilled and Alienated

Who? Undeb Theatre

What? A man struggling under the weight of the modern world finds a self-help book that inspires him into gardening. And he’s good at it. But there’s a dark and violent secret to his success. Step inside Owain’s very own shed to hear about one man and the lengths he’ll go to for a beautiful garden.

Where? Pleasance Courtyard

When? Until August 25


Robert Golding

Who? Darkman Productions

What? The creative team behind Richard Parker (Best International Show – Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012) present the world premiere by Welsh playwright Owen Thomas, a darkly comic tale of conspiracies and shadows where nothing is as it seems. A married couple celebrating with a meal on the eve of the opening of their new restaurant welcome a guest to their table who turns their lives upside down.

Where? Assembly Roxy

When? Until August 25


The Dance Dome

Who? Coreo Cymru / URRL

What? Created by an international film crew and featuring choreography by award-winning companies Earthfall, Taikabox and Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre, the Dance Dome blurs the boundaries between movement, digital technology and cinema, wrapping dance around the viewer to create an extraordinary immersive experience within an innovative and intimate 360° cinema. The trilogy includes Pal O’ Me Heart, a full dome adaptation of Earthfall’s most critically acclaimed production.

Where? Dance Base – National Centre for Dance

When? August 19 to 26


The Exception And The Rule

Who? Unicycle Theatre Company

What? Oil or water, which is worth more? Unicycle Theatre Company brings to life the despairing, deserted, musical world of The Exception and the Rule. Where speed is necessary in the pursuit of fortune, what lengths will a merchant go to to get his hands on the prize?

Where? The Space On The Mile

When? Today until August 10


The Lost Letters of Cathy G

Who? Paul Harry Allen / Free Festival

What? While in a junk shop, looking for photographs of families he’d never met, Allen stumbled across a wad of forgotten letters. Dating from 1963-69, they spanned across America, France and Edgware and gave an insight into how ’60s teenagers got their kicks. With a mixture of stand-up and storytelling, he shares his quest to find more.

Where? Laughing Horse @ Finnegan’s Wake

When? Until August 24


This Was Your Life

Who? Quite Nice Theatre

What? An award-winning, original comedy musical where the audience are invited to the recording of everyone’s favourite reality TV show to decide the fate of a recently deceased contestant.

Where? Just The Tonic At The Caves

When? Until August 25


Cosi Fan Tutte

Who? Opera Ddraig

What? Award-winning Opera’r Ddraig makes its fringe debut with a contemporary take on Mozart’s Così Fan Tutte.

Where? Lauriston Halls

When? August 22 to 25            



For comedy, check out Benjamin Partridge (An Audience With Jeff Goldblum) at The Banshee Labyrinth from tomorrow until August 24; Lloyd Langford at the Gilded Ballroom Teviot and Matt Rees and Lloyd Griffith (Griff Rees Jokes) at Laughing Horse @The Newsroom, both until August 26


For full details of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, visit

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