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Home / Latest News / Great British Bake-Off: Beca Lyne-Pirkis scrapes through after bread week struggle

Great British Bake-Off: Beca Lyne-Pirkis scrapes through after bread week struggle

Welsh baker Beca Lyne-Pirkis scrapped through into the next round of the Great British Bake-Off after struggling with bread week.

The 31-year-old mum-of-one, from Penylan, Cardiff, was criticised for her misshapen bread sticks, and didn’t get her bake right in the show stopper, getting her spice sultana and honey Christmas wreath bread stuck on her baking tray, before being told it was underbaked.

And she was left in tears after earning the scorn of Paul Hollywood for her misshapen English muffins, which saw her finished close to the bottom of the pile in the technical challenge.

But in the end, it was horticulturist Lucy who left the show after failing to dazzle with her show stopping tomato bread.

The loaves were some of the most outrageous ever seen, from Beca’s Christmas wreath to a proud peacock and a very bizarre psychic octopus, but Lucy’s round bread with some tomatoes on top failed to impress judges Paul and Mary Berry.

Full-time mum Beca was relieved to have got through to next week’s patisserie round, with a determination to up her game.

Beca learnt to bake from her two grandmothers, who taught her to make cakes, scones and Welsh cakes, and hopes to pass the skill on to her own 18-month-old daughter Mari.

She said: “I used to stand next to them in a little apron, helping them to stir things. I have fond memories of helping out in the kitchen. Now, when I am baking, I put my daughter in her high chair next to me with a bowl and a wooden spoon and tell her what I am making.”

Her baking is also popular with her 33-year-old husband Matt, who has worked as a medic in the army for 14 years.

Beca, who is currently living in Hampshire and is a member of her local Military Wives’ Choir, said: “My husband and his colleagues love chocolate brownies, but they are not fussy. His best friend will eat a whole coffee and walnut cake all to himself.”

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