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Caerphilly Castle - Metal Octopus

Have your say: What’s your favourite castles in Wales?

Cardiff Castle
Castles in Wales – Cardiff Castle

They’re the jewels dotted around a county steeped in history, but what are your favourite castles in Wales?

Each one with its own story, and its own distinctive look, the variety of castles in Wales provides us with a treasure trove of mystery, charm, and colourful and sometimes gruesome histories.

chepstow castle
Castles in Wales – Chepstow castle

They tell the story of the modern history of Wales, and castles can be found across the country, like dots connecting leylines for travellers with a nose for grandeur and architectural beauty.

So what are your favourite castles in Wales? Where would you take your friends if they were visiting, and where would you choose to explore on a sunny Welsh summer’s day.

We’ve teamed up with Cadw, who are dedicated to conserving these national treasures, to compile a shortlist of great castles in Wales.

And as part of our Best of Wales series, we will crown the most popular castle as the best castle in Wales.

The Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths, believes castles in Wales are a good way to bring history to life for children:

Caerphilly Castle - Metal Octopus
Any ideas on this Castle, complete with metal octopus?

“We are lucky in Wales to be steeped in a rich and diverse heritage and there is no better way to entertain the children this summer than exploring the history on our doorstep. Cadw is responsible for caring for and conserving 129 historical sites in Wales, meaning there are loads of castles in Wales t o choose from, and I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy one of these or the many other castles and historic sites dotted across Wales this summer.

“My team at Cadw has come up with a programme of events and activities at historic sites across Wales which families can enjoy together. Many are free or cost very little, but best of all they have the power to capture the imaginations of young minds to get involved in their local history.”

Bit of a history buff? You can find more information on special Cadw events running throughout this summer on their website.

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