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He claimed he held a record-breaking fish. Now he’s being called a liar

“I knew that we had only held a state-record walleye,” pronounced Volk, 41, a city assemblyman in North Dakota who works in drug impediment for a state government. “It was a dream of mine.”

But Volk does not have a state record. Instead, he has a created warning from a North Dakota Game and Fish Department. He has a collection of amicable media posts accusing him of being a fraudster. And he has a vessel he is perplexing to sell since he does not caring to go fishing again any time soon.

The brawl about Volk’s walleye became a theme of a rapist investigation, a podcast and dozens of posts on

One Sunday in April, Volk headed to a Heart River in Mandan, North Dakota. Along with his wife, his dual immature children and a friend, Volk started casting his line.

“I knew it was a large fish as shortly as we set a hook,” Volk said.

Within hours of Volk’s catch, word widespread on fishing summary play about a hulk walleye. Soon, a state’s Game and Fish Department reliable a news on Facebook: “Congratulations to Tom Volk for disorder in a new state record walleye!” A smiling Volk was pictured, holding his cherished fish.

The delight was short-lived. On, a online heart of North Dakota fishing, people questioned if a walleye had been “snagged” or “foul hooked,” definition bending somewhere other than a mouth. Intentionally snagging a fish is seen as unsporting. Keeping a foul-hooked fish is also a malfeasance in North Dakota.

It did not assistance Volk’s box that other fish held circuitously had been bending divided from a mouth. Then a unsure cellphone video flush that led some to trust that Volk’s crony pulled a offshoot from a behind of a fish, not a mouth.

Volk insists that he bending his walleye legally on a jig, yet concedes he can't infer it. He pronounced that a fish fought him for several mins in a demeanour that indicated a offshoot was in a mouth, yet he pronounced he never looked during a hook’s plcae after it was reeled in.

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