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Cardiff Hotel and Spa- St Davids Hotel

Hotel and Spa in Cardiff

One of the most iconic hotels in Cardiff is the St Davids Hotel, this is in our view the one hotel and spa in Cardiff. Apart from being a hotel with spectacular views over Cardiff Bay it is perhaps its peripheral facilities that make  St Davids Hotel such a hit!

If you are looking for a Hotel and Spa in Cardiff then there is one hotel that announces its candidacy, namely the ‘St. David’s Hotel and Spa’, its facilities are a varied and a little unusual.

The Marine Spa is different from many being a bubble spa! You can relax and take in some dramatic Cardiff Bay views or book yourself a treatment.

Hotel and Spa in Cardiff

To get the best it’s often a good idea to do a little preparation beforehand so a few tips!

Establish who is the most popular therapist, (ask the receptionist).

Massage and beauty fill the top two thirds of treatments but there are others and new treatments might be on offer.

Be bold; if you want a particular part of your body massaged ask!

Take full advantage of any Hotel and Spa in Cardiff. The facilities hotels often have will be a swimming pool and often a fitness gym.

Sauna and steam rooms can also be found to enhance the experience and have differing benefits.

Beauty treatments change all the time so keep an eye out for some of the exotic ones such as Aberdeen organic bull sperm treatment snake massage and chocolate wraps.

I don’t think there is a Hotel and spa in Cardiff or even without spa that does those, tell us if we are wrong!


Hotel and Spa in Cardiff treatments

The advantage of a sauna following gym exercise or massage seems to be that it allows the muscles to relax and increases metabolism.

Sauna after exercise maintains the metabolism for about 15 minutes afterwards. The benefit being enhanced weight loss and faster muscle recovery.

Steam rooms have different benefits. It seems that if the core body temperature is raised the steam helps us to detoxify through the 2.6 million sweat glands we all have.

Increased blood flow opens the tiny capillaries to cool the body.

There may also be evidence that if we increase our base  boy temperature above average it upsets or perhaps kills viruses, since they can only live in a  narrow band of temperature.


Hotel and Spa in Cardiff Contact Details

District: Cardiff Bay
Address: Havannah Street, Cardiff Bay
PostCode: CF10 5SD
Phone: 02920 454 045

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