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halloween makeup

How to do Halloween make-up, ideas for a scary look

There was a time when covering yourself with a white sheet was enough to scare your pals at a Halloween party.

But these days there are so many gory and over-the-top costumes available that October 31 has become something of a competition to see who can adopt the most elaborate look.

But what good’s a sparkling witch’s hat or devil’s outfit if you haven’t perfected the make-up?

Luckily, self-taught make-up artist Laura Gardner has been providing us with plenty of tips.

By day, 25-year-old Laura from Cardiff works in finance, but by night she transforms herself into spine-chilling demons, disturbing dolls and nightmarish creatures.

Since teaching herself the art just over a year ago and posting her creations and tutorials online, Laura has become a YouTube sensation, with her videos gaining more than 200,000 views.

“I’m a massive horror fan with Halloween being my favourite time of year,” says, Laura, who has already started taking bookings for Halloween and charges around £15-£20 per hour.

“A few years ago I wanted to try something a little different so I created a look using body paint instead of buying a Halloween costume.

“I also experiment with other forms of body paint and a lot of my ideas are inspired by events, such as Christmas (The Grinch), Halloween, New Year and fireworks, but as you can probably tell from a lot of my work, it’s very much horror themed.

“I also get a lot of my inspiration from my favourite films and TV programmes, such as my White Walker body paint from Game Of Thrones and my Walter White face paint from Breaking Bad.”

Laura Gardner Halloween makeup

Laura transforms herself into The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We put her skills to the test

With Halloween looming, I decided to put Laura’s skills to the test and see if she could transform me from my usual tanned self into a deathly pale Halloween Cracked Doll.

And the results were fantastically horrifying!

When I walked back into the office, the response was one of amusement and bewilderment – although I think many of my colleagues were just surprised to see me without my fake tan.

Now try it yourself with these five easy make-up hacks

Still can’t decide what to go as this Halloween? These fun tutorials can help even the most novice artists feel, and look, like professionals and will have you Halloween-ready in no time.

Poison Ivy

Halloween Poison Ivy

Day of the Dead – Voodoo Sugarskull

Day of the Dead

For some of Laura’s other YouTube tutorials, visit:




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