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Huge porbeagle shark held off a Welsh coast

A outrageous 23-stone shark was held off a Welsh seashore on Tuesday.

Angler Matthew Burrett held a beast porbeagle shark while fishing off a seashore of Milford Haven .

Weighing in during 324lb and reaching a length of adult to 8 foot, it’s believed to be one of a biggest of a kind ever held in Welsh waters.

Matthew Burrett and a 324lb porbeagle shark he held while fishing off Milford Haven
(Image: DaveBarhamFishing/Phat Cat Charters)

The porbeagle is a class of mackerel shark, distributed widely in a cold and ascetic sea waters of a North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere.

They are mostly speckled around a UK in comfortable summer months.

Powerful and squat-bodied, porbeagle’s are a member of a Lamnidae shark family – that is a same family as a Great White.

Mr Burrett reeled in a beast during a sharking outing with Cardiff-based Phat Cat Charters.

The shark was held off a seashore of Milford Haven
(Image: Craig Deans/Phat Cat Charters)

Skipper Craig Deans – who has some-more than 15 years of knowledge on a H2O – said: “I’ve been told it could be a biggest held in Welsh waters yet that hasn’t been strictly reliable yet.

“I’ve never seen anything that vast before, nonetheless I’m certain there are bigger fish out there. When we saw a distance of it, we was flattering shocked. We didn’t unequivocally see how vast it was until it was brought adult alongside a boat.”

Strange things that have been speckled on a Welsh coastline


A male speckled thousands of passed starfish when he was walking along a waterfront in 2015.

An consultant pronounced after that this eventuality was not a healthy disaster, yet customarily a creatures entrance to a finish of their life cycle after mating and spawning. He pronounced they had many expected been passed in a sea for a prolonged time.

Minke Whale

Back in May coastguards were called after a dead Minke whale was detected cleared up on a Gower beach.

It was a minke whale that is one of a smallest of a baleen whales found in UK waters and measures between 7 to 10 metres when entirely grown.

A 15ft Minke whale also cleared adult on a sands during Ynyslas, nearby Aberystwyth, on Christmas Day in 2015.


In July, hordes of hulk jellyfish cleared adult on beaches opposite west Wales.

A series of a creatures – believed to be Barrel jellyfish – were speckled in areas including Tenby, Saundersfoot, Newport, Cardigan, Castlemartin, Lydstep and Kidwelly.


In October, more than 20 octopuses were speckled creation their approach adult a beach in New Quay, Ceredigion, in a puzzling materialisation that left staff from a internal dolphin examination association totally baffled.

The creatures – who can’t tarry on dry land for prolonged – were seen 3 nights in a quarrel crawling along a sand.

The puzzling quadruped on a Swansea beach

Dog hiker Beth Jannetta’s find of a bizarre quadruped along Rhossili Beach caused utterly a stir in May this year.

She was walking with her dogs when she came opposite a decomposed creature, with a prolonged tail and a vast head, that she estimated to be around a metre prolonged in size.

Some people suspicion it could have been a crocodile, while experts pronounced it could be a whale or dolphin.

Craig went on: “At one indicate it even jumped out of a H2O – like when we see Great Whites jumping out and aggressive a seal.

“We attempted for a while to get it onto a boat, yet we weren’t means to – even yet we’ve got all a right apparatus and a purpose-built boat.

“Luckily, there was a vast bloat and that cleared a fish onto a boat.”

Phat Cat Charters work a despotic locate and recover policy
(Image: Phat Cat Charters)

Phat Cat Charters work a despotic locate and recover process when shark fishing and use barb-free hooks and a special offshoot descent apparatus to try to safeguard a pain-free recover of a shark.

Fishing publisher Dave Barham , who posted a design of a shark to Facebook, said: “For anyone concerned, these sharks are intensely good looked after.

“The boats that fish for them are purpose-built to make it easy to move them on board, measure, tab and recover them.

“It all happens really fast and each shark is expelled alive.”

Skipper Craig and his organisation are no strangers to throwing vast fish.

They also done headlines in 2015 after someone on house reeled in a 19-stone thresher shark , believed to be customarily a second of a kind ever held off Wales.

The initial was held 3 days earlier, 18 pounds lighter, by fisherman Andy Turrell on a Lady Jue 3 with a assistance of skipper Rob Rennie, also off a seashore of Milford Haven.

Thresher sharks are found in all ascetic and pleasant oceans of a universe and are customarily unique creatures who keep themselves to themselves and can be seen jumping out of a H2O like a dolphin.

David Thomas (in a immature shirt) shows off a locate with his associate fishermen in 2015

Have we held or speckled a vast fish in Wales? Send your cinema and videos to: or send them by Twitter or Facebook.

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