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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / ‘I’m not daft’ Tragic angler’s final post before plunging to genocide off Orkney precipice top

‘I’m not daft’ Tragic angler’s final post before plunging to genocide off Orkney precipice top

A sea angler plunged to his genocide in high winds after claiming he knew his approach around a precipice top.

Dad Colin Middleton, 49, was named yesterday as a plant of a comfortless ­accident in Orkney .

Colin, from Sheffield, was winched from a feet of cliffs during The Gloup, ­Deerness, on Thursday though could not be saved.

He had told how he aborted a prior day’s fishing outing to Hoxa, South Ronaldsay, after being buffeted by clever winds.

Colin Middleton was rushed to Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall where he sadly died
(Image: Internet Unknown)

He posted on a Orkney Shore Angling Association’s Facebook page: “I packaged adult when a breeze was too clever for even me to mount un-aided.”

Colin wrote before Thursday’s trip: “Now before we all start observant I’m dumb or irresponsible, I’m utterly fit for a scarcely 50-year-old and know my approach around a precipice top.”

After a vital rescue operation, paramedics took him to Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall, though he died there.

Police, who are still investigating, pronounced it seemed to have been a comfortless collision and that there are no questionable circumstances.

Police pronounced a news on a occurrence would be sent to a procurator mercantile once their review is concluded.

The dad’s comfortless post on an angling Facebook organisation before he plunged to his death
(Image: Internet Unknown)

Chief Inspector Matt Webb said: “Our thoughts are with Mr Middleton’s family and friends during this intensely unhappy time.

“There are no questionable resources and Mr Middleton’s genocide appears to be a comfortless accident.

“However, we are stability to settle a full circumstances.

“I’d be beholden if anyone who has information though has not nonetheless oral to military gets in hold as shortly as they can.”

Anyone with information is asked to hit Police Scotland on 101.

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