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Improved fishing during Shotley Bridge

The plan consists of 6 stone pools that yield a track for fish to gradually pierce adult or down over a 2.5m weir.

The structure constitutes a final square of a ‘fish pass jigsaw’ on a River Derwent, enabling fish to pierce openly from a River Tyne to a reservoir.

It follows on from identical work during Derwenthaugh and Lintzford that have already valid a success with a larger farrago and firmness of fish class now found upstream of those sites.

Jack Bloomer, plan manager during Tyne Rivers Trust, said: “We wish a stream to flower and a realization of this plan will assistance a Derwent to do this.

“Every year, fish pierce by a stream systems to colonize new areas, feat opposite resources and parent though obstructions like a dual and a half metre high weir during Shotley Grove make it unfit for this to happen.

“The construction of fish passes downstream during Derwenthaugh and Lintzford, meant that Shotley Grove Weir was a final remaining vital deterrent to fish on a River Derwent until a reservoir.

“This work ensures that all fish populations within a River Derwent will be connected to one another, augmenting a gene pool.”

The plan was led by a trust and enclosed Durham County Council, a Environment Agency and a Marine Management Organisation by a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

Councillor Ossie Johnson, a council’s cupboard member for tourism, culture, convenience and farming issues, said: “This is a illusory instance of how organisations can work together to secure appropriation and smoothness of projects.

“This was a final remaining separator on a River Derwent and construction of a pass will concede salmon and sea fish to quit adult stream to lay their eggs.

“It is a poignant investment in a riverine medium and will raise ecology and urge angling for clubs.”

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