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Independence campaigners from North Wales to deplane on Cardiff for weekend impetus – and because they’re going

A impetus for Welsh autonomy will be hold in Cardiff this Saturday – with hundreds from North Wales set to attend.

The eventuality has been organized by AUOB Cymru (All Under One Banner) and is upheld by organisations such as YesCymru, Awoken Cymru and Welsh Football Fans for Independence.

All Under One Banner Scotland, that organized a impetus in Glasgow final weekend, have also offering their support.

It will be a “first-ever impetus for independence” and organisers wish that a impetus will “get some-more people articulate about independence”.

This comes amid what Elwyn Edwards described as “a resurgence of interest” in a nation’s story, quite after a widespread response to a ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ picture desolation opposite Wales and internationally.

Cofiwch Dryweryn embellished on a A5 layby wall nearby Llangollen
(Image: Ian Cooper/North Wales Live)

The impetus will start during Cardiff City Hall during 1.30pm and ensue along Queen Street and a Hayes, before finishing in front of a Central Library in a capital. 

The speakers during a impetus will embody Plaid Cymru’s personality Adam Price, a producer and actor Ali Goolyad, and YesCymru’s authority Siôn Jobbins.

Plaid Cymru personality Adam Price during a People's Vote convene in Bangor

Plaid Cymru personality Adam Price during a People’s Vote convene in Bangor

Llywelyn ap Gwilym, one of a organisers of a impetus in Cardiff, said: “We designed this impetus since it feels like something is unequivocally changing in Wales.

“While there’s always been a organisation of people who trust in autonomy for Wales, a contention has unequivocally changed fast into a mainstream over a past 6 months. Brexit has clearly played a large partial in this: it is easy to hang with a standing quo, though what do we do when a standing quo isn’t going to last?”


He added: “People in Wales should attend in this impetus for lots of reasons. If you’re assured by IndyCymru we should come along to accommodate likewise disposed people, to give a transparent summary to a Senedd and to Westminster that there is a flourishing voice that Wales wants and final better.

YesCymru and a Welsh flags
(Image: Ifor ap Dafydd)

“If you’re open to IndyCymru, though are maybe not nonetheless entirely convinced, we should come along and discuss to others on a march, discuss a pros and cons, speak about a hurdles and a opportunities.”

AUOB Cymru have also hired several buses opposite Wales so that some-more supporters can attend a march.

Tickets for north west Wales buses collecting supporters from points such as Caernarfon, Porthmadog and Dolgellau have already been sole out.

But some tickets for north-east Wales/ Powys buses, that will stop in towns such as Ruthin, Mold and Wrexham, are still available.

Gwynedd councillor, Nia Jeffreys, who will be attending a march, said: “I am unequivocally looking brazen to Saturday – there is fad in a atmosphere about autonomy for Wales and we wish to be partial of a day that will be critical in a country’s history.


“I’d adore to see as many people as probable from North Wales on a impetus -as good as delivering an critical summary to Cardiff – we am certain it will be a good day out.

“I am roving down on a train with my shining crony Fflur and we am certain we’ll be in high spirits.”

Some have taken to amicable media to uncover their support for a march.

@LloydCymru tweeted: “If everybody who says they’re going goes, that’s huge. If even some-more come, as they expected will, that’s amazing!”

Ifor ap Dafydd was one of those scheming to get prepared and is due to transport down from Aberystwyth to take partial in a march.

Ifor ap Dafydd from Aberystwyth is going to a march
(Image: Ifor ap Dafydd)

Llywelyn ap Gwilym added: “Above all everybody should come to a impetus since it’s going to be a good eventuality – there’ll be lots of charming flags, bands and singing, communication and some good speeches – it’s going to be lots of fun!”

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