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Home / Entertainment / Inside Jurassic Kingdom as the touring dinosaur experience arrives in Cardiff
caged raptors

Inside Jurassic Kingdom as the touring dinosaur experience arrives in Cardiff

Life-sized dinosaurs will be taking over a Cardiff park this weekend as Jurassic Kingdom comes to the Welsh capital.

The immersive and interactive attraction will be opening in Bute Park on Saturday, August 11 and it’ll be sticking around until Monday, August 27.

During their stint in Wales, the park’s new residents will offer an interactive, life-sized replica experience – but there’s more than just the giant dinos.

It’s part of a wider tour and visitors cane expect fun, food, educational movies, digging up dinosaurs and more than 30 beasts scattered among the trees.

These two are MASSIVE
(Image: Josh Knapman)

Jurassic Kingdom in Cardiff dates, tickets, where it is, opening times and where to park

What to expect

Visitors will come face to face with creatures like a 26m long Diplodocus and the notorious Tyrannosaurus Rex, while learning about every predator from over 200 million years ago.

There will also be street food and drink vendors on site, and an area to buy branded merchandise.

Prices start from £11.50 for adults, £10.50 concessions, £9.50 for children, and £38 for a family ticket, while children under two go free .

Caged raptors in Bute Park
(Image: Josh Knapman)
The triceratops mid-growl
(Image: Josh Knapman)

However, some people have already seen the life-sized replicas through the fence and have taken to social media to express concern over the entry costs.

Naz Kabir who’s organised the attraction, said that there’s a lot more to Jurassic Kingdom than seeing these giant creatures from the other side of a fence and you need to get up close to them to enjoy the experience.

“They’re all life-size and they’re all animatronic, so although people might have walked past and seen them, they wouldn’t have seen them working and switched on,” Naz explains.

“They have sensors and as the public walks past they trigger the sensor and all off a sudden they start growling.”

(Image: Josh Knapman)
(Image: Josh Knapman)

He added: “Also we’ve got an education tent – in there we’re playing a dinosaur documentary.

“So whether it’s a school group or a family group they can sit down and enjoy the show for half an hour and carry on the visit.

“You’ve also got lots of food and drink street traders here, we’ve got an excavation pit that younger children can climb in and play at being a mini paleontologist.”

(Image: Josh Knapman)

Naz added: “So there’s lots to do and see – it’s an immersive, interactive environment.

“They’ll follow a trail round [the park], they’ll uncover dinosaurs around every bush, tree and corner.”

For details visit the Jurassic Kingdom website .

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