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Is Neil Warnock right about referees favoring ‘big’ Premier League clubs?

Cardiff manager Neil Warnock branded Premier League officials a “worst in a world” after Chelsea capitalised on a refereeing fumble to furnish a thespian 2-1 quip win.

Chelsea were 1-0 down with 6 mins left when Cesar Azpilicueta, who was station dual yards offside, met Marcos Alonso’s flick-on to control home a equaliser.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek punished Cardiff serve in blocking time, withdrawal Cardiff to count a cost of partner arbitrate Eddie Smart’s disaster to mark that Azpilicueta was clearly offside.

Warnock also felt that Cardiff should have had dual penalties, both for Chelsea players holding Sean Morrison’s shirt during set-pieces.

Antonio Rudiger, Warnock added, should also have been sent off for boring down Kenneth Zohore with a measure during 1-1 and a Cardiff surrogate by on goal. Rudiger was requisitioned by arbitrate Craig Pawson.

But is a Cardiff trainer right – do referees foster a ‘big’ clubs? We asked a experts only that…

Neil Warnock saw his Cardiff group humour a argumentative improved on Sunday
(Image: REUTERS)


They competence be amateurish on occasions though to advise officials are in any approach inequitable towards a large clubs is nonsense.

If it is infrequently seen that way, maybe it is since a Big Six clubs tend to browbeat possession opposite clubs reduce in a pecking order.

The missed offside during Cardiff was a weird mistake though it is value mentioning we watched it in a packaged Anfield press room and a initial instinct was not to collect adult on a rick.

Television replays unprotected a scale of a error.

Of march officials are not inequitable opposite or towards anyone, nonetheless if they were fed adult with a lifetime of hang from Neil Warnock, we could understand.


I consider a officials are equally bad for everyone.

In fact, Cardiff and Neil Warnock benefited from a idea – Sol Bamba’s 90th notation leader opposite Brighton in Nov – only as offside as Chelsea’s.

This is a set-back stand of referees and officials we can ever remember. There’s dual or 3 exceptions though we miss a quality, abyss and characters of years left by.

VAR won’t indispensably solve it possibly since a bad officials are reflected in a approach they run VAR – not really well.

While we can't forgive Warnock’s post-match behaviour, certainly anyone can know it when we know what’s during stake.

Chelsea’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek celebrates his leader during Cardiff
(Image: Action Images around Reuters)


As a believer of a ‘smaller’ club, shall we say, we could yield large examples of not removing decisions opposite a ‘bigger’ teams.

To offer one from this season, Sergio Aguero was awarded a chastisement opposite West Ham , notwithstanding controversial contact, and scored it to secure a 1-0 win. There are others too.

But to answer a question, we doubt that plays any partial in officials giving favoured treatment. They are professionals – and human. They will make mistakes. That’s since I’m in foster of VAR.

If we have record (and finished in a right way), since not use it to help? My genuine regard is that if we keep jumping on officials each time they make an error, we competence eventually be left with a bigger problem. Who’d be a ref, eh?


They contend fitness evens itself out over a deteriorate – though if that were true, we wouldn’t need VAR.

Let’s put to bed one swindling speculation that referees actively foster a large teams where pivotal decisions are concerned.

That’s tangible nonsense. There is not a fragment of justification – not one – to advise there is deliberate, intentional injustice towards a Big Six.

For instance, after Manchester United , Bournemouth and Crystal Palace – who weren’t in a tip 6 final time we looked – have been awarded a many penalties in a Premier League this season.

But I’ve been during games this deteriorate where decisions have left in foster of a ‘bigger’ group and we are left wondering: “Would that have been given down a other end?”

we don’t trust referees gaunt towards Liverpool or Manchester City . But we do trust they are shocked of creation a wrong call that could potentially cost one of them a title.

It’s called tellurian nature.

Cardiff manager Warnock was livid with a referees following a full-time whistle
(Image: PA)


Do a large clubs get a decisions? Absolutely. Of march they do!

Neil Warnock is like a damaged record in terms of his whining. He’s finished a career out of belittling and berating officialdom.

Yes, he had current means for censure during a City of Cardiff Stadium. But it was forked out thereafter that his tinge was distant opposite when Sol Bamba scored from an offside position opposite Brighton and a preference went in his favour.

That, however, is masking a genuine issue.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a primary inciter in this, putting vigour on referees. Arsene Wenger had his moments as well.
No central wanted to be picked on. They know if they are refereeing one of a tip guns that each preference will be pored over. That is a cost that they have to pay.

And did they wish a likes of Ferguson or Wenger on their box afterwards? What do we think?

Steve Bruce certified after he late from personification that it happened. Jermaine Jenas pronounced further on Match-of-the-Day 2 on Sunday night.

So it has been going on for years. Nothing has changed.

The large clubs have always perceived favoured diagnosis – and substantially always will.


It’s wrong to advise that Chelsea got those decisions during Cardiff on Sunday simply since they are ‘bigger’ than their opponents. They got them since they were lucky.

As a sequence manager of a ‘smaller’ sides it competence fit Warnock to crash on about some arrange of bulletin designed to keep a small male down, though it is elementary set-back joined with a fact that a ‘smaller’ side are mostly on a backfoot opposite a ‘bigger’ one, thereby formulating some-more opportunities for essential decisions to go wrong.

We all know that VAR has a problems, though it would have got those calls right during Cardiff, thereby creation Warnock’s evidence nothing and blank from subsequent deteriorate anyway.

The detriment was down to bad fitness and bad officiating, not a relations standing of Cardiff and Chelsea.

Cardiff players conflict following their distressing Premier League defeat
(Image: Michael Steele)


It is shameful to doubt a veteran referees’ firmness in a approach that Neil Warnock does.

Referees are during that turn since they are a best in a business, during a comprehensive tip of their game. Regardless of what Warnock thinks, he could not do a improved pursuit of job a diversion true down a middle.

Yes, decisions are spasmodic wrong, though to advise that they get them intentionally improper to advantage a large teams is ridiculous.

Whether he likes it or not, referees are neutrals. They can't arbitrate a teams that they have any interests in. They call games how they see them and with no bias.

But provide a arbitrate badly and maybe they will consider twice about giving we a preference if it is 50/50.

Warnock’s control towards Premier League referees always has been, and still is, archaic.

He screams in their faces, he speaks down to them, he gestures and sets a generally awful instance for youngsters examination a game.

Maybe, only maybe, if Warnock started display some honour towards compare officials, he competence get some honour in return.


I can't determine with what Neil Warnock had to say.

Referees make mistakes, yes, though that is a given. To furnish a matter of that suit is ridiculous, and I’d adore to see a contribution that behind it up.

Stats in a past have presented that some-more penalties have been given to a ‘big six’ than a 14 teams that lay below.

But is this not since they are removing into these aggressive scenarios distant some-more than a teams next them?

Yes a Azpilicueta idea was offside, though we don’t trust a plea from Rudiger fitting a ostensible red card.

Firstly, Zohore didn’t have control of a round as he was relocating onto it, and with Kepa entrance off of his line we don’t see how it can be a transparent and apparent idea scoring opportunity.

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