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Jobs ‘in a net’ as new fishing store looks to tilt in customers

Fishing enthusiasts can now ‘catch’ all they need for their hobby underneath one roof after a dilettante store opened.

Angling Direct – that has taken adult a section on a former BQ site in Hanley – has also combined 6 jobs, with staff experiencing an intensely bustling initial week as shoppers streamed by a doors.

It is a inhabitant firm’s 21st bend and bosses are looking to daub into a area’s adore of fishing pleasantness of a several canals, rivers and lakes opposite North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

Enthusiasts have been discerning to sing a praises of a new store, that bonds a outrageous operation of rods, bait, hooks, clothing, along with bivvys and sleeping bags for those looking to go all a approach by a night.

Manager Matt Blythe during Hanley's Angling Direct store

Manager Matt Blythe during Hanley’s Angling Direct store

Manager Matt Blythe says a Leek Road store has been intensely bustling given opening on Jan 27. The 29-year-old, from Winterley, nearby Sandbach , said: “It contingency be one of a best openings a association has finished and it was usually overwhelming. We have also perceived some unequivocally certain feedback about a shop, blueprint and stock.

“When we was a ten-year-old, we wouldn’t fill a shop, though a suppliers have combined a genuine hum with what they have. These days, people will watch some videos on YouTube and come here meaningful accurately what they want.”

The store, that sits subsequent to a recently non-stop Winstanleys Pramworld, bonds brands including Shimano, Fox, Korda along with scores of others.

For Matt, being manager of a store specialising in fishing is something of a dream come true. He said: “My uncle started holding me and it went from there. When we got to about seven, a organisation of us would go out and fish.

“I had been using pubs, though was still going out fishing for that assent and quiet. When we saw this pursuit come up, we had to go for it as it’s a lifestyle.”

He loves a competition so most that Matt got married to mother Zoe usually 25 yards from where he fishes during Tabley Moat, nearby Knutsford. Matt said: “I suffer a waste of fishing.

“We wish to be partial of a village here and will demeanour to work with schools to do training sessions and things like that.”

Angling Direct has non-stop in Leek Road, Hanley

Angling Direct has non-stop in Leek Road, Hanley

Among a new recruits is Ryan Brereton, who has been fishing opposite Europe. The 24-year-old, from Kidsgrove , a sales partner during a store, said: “I initial started fishing when we was 3 as all my family are into it. we especially do canopy fishing now. It’s good as it gets we outdoor into nature.”

Ryan, whose biggest locate weighed in during 52lbs, added: “The fishing marketplace is vast and it’s good to be operative here.”

Customers visiting a new bend have also been tender with a far-reaching accumulation of stock. Chris Watson, aged 38, from Milehouse, said: “Fishing is unequivocally addictive and we started when we was during school.

“This seems a unequivocally good shop, with copiousness of choice.”

Darren Bailey, Angling Direct’s arch executive officer, added: “The Stoke-on-Trent store is a good vital opening, given a vast angling village and the accessibility.”

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