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Llantwit Major fishing open is a outrageous success

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018

– Local People

by Contributed ItemContributed Item

The gods were looking down on a Llantwit Major gift fishing open in assist of Parkinsons UK and a Jacob Abraham Foundation.

The continue heading adult to a eventuality was not good, though on a day things changed. The zephyr forsaken to a peaceful southerly zephyr and a fish came on to feed large time.

Ninety-six anglers took partial in a eventuality including 4 juniors, and a large sum of 506 kilos (1,113 pounds) of fish were caught, a categorical class being well-spoken hounds.

A sum of £1,425 was raised, separate 50/50 between a dual charities. Event organisers Sally Owen and Mark Cowell would like to appreciate all a sponsors for their kind donations that done this eventuality a good success.

First was ex-world champion Joe Arch with a large 36.13 kilos, that consisted of 9 well-spoken hounds. Joe was fishing true in front of a beach automobile park.

He won £250 donated by Holyhead-based angler Ben Price, who owns his possess association BDP Heating and Plumbing.

Joe also picked adult a heaviest well-spoken chase pool of £85 and a well-spoken chase festival cup.

A tighten second was Barry angler and tackle emporium partner during Holton Road Angling Centre, Dan Crump. He weighted in 35.24 kilos consisting of 10 well-spoken hounds.

Dan was fishing during Boverton and won £150 jointly donated by Chris Read, Sally Owen and Gareth Davies.

In third place was handling executive of Treforest Tiling Ltd, Richard Potts from Tylorstown. He was also fishing during Boverton and weighted in 33.34 kilos consisting of 10 well-spoken hounds.

Richard won £100 donated by Maria Hughes owners of a Llantwit Major beach cafe.

Fourth place with 30.64 kilos consisting of 8 well-spoken hounds, a longhorn huss and 3 conger eels was a stream Garry Evans Seamaster champion and 2018 points personality Rory Jenkins from Tonyrefail.

He was fishing during St Donats and won £50 donated by Chris Davies Estate agents.

Fifth place was Chris Equall from Cardiff with 28.09 kilos consisting of 7 well-spoken hounds. He won £50 donated by Chris Garner.

Sixth was Roy Tapper from Cardiff with 25,25 kilos consisting of 8 well-spoken hounds and a cover eel. He won £30 donated by internal coiffeur Ben Davies.

Bottom-weight in a tip 20 was 10 kilos that routinely would be adequate to win a match. The best rockling pool was won by Iaun Jones with a fish of 0.18 kilos: he won £85.

In a pairs territory of a match: initial were South Wales Match Men group members Roy Tapper and Dan Crump with a sum weight of 60.49 kilos. They picked adult a pairs prize and £80 pool.

Second were Team Sakuma members Rory and Chris Jenkins (not related) with a sum weight of 50.90 kilos. They won £40 pool money.


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