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Loch Ken bonds ‘healthy’ notwithstanding crayfish invasion

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Concerns have been lifted about a levels of non-native crayfish in a loch for a series of years

A investigate of a impact of an advance of non-native crayfish on a south of Scotland loch has found fish bonds in a waters sojourn “healthy”.

Repeated concerns have been lifted about a conditions in Loch Ken in new years.

However, a investigate found bonds remained clever notwithstanding a participation of North American vigilance crayfish.

The report’s author pronounced it was “encouraging” to see how healthy a fish race in a waters remained.

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Galloway Glens

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The investigate looked during several aspects of a loch in Dumfries and Galloway

As good as batch levels, a investigate – consecrated by a Galloway Glens Partnership – looked during a significance of angling on a loch and a impact of a crayfish.

It found:

  • most anglers pronounced they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their knowledge during Loch Ken
  • it seemed a counterfeit fish race could support a fishery notwithstanding a crayfish
  • growth rates were “healthy” among class targeted by anglers like bream, roach, dart and perch
  • anglers felt vast roost numbers were flourishing as these fish fed on youthful crayfish
  • many anglers were endeavour biosecurity measures to assistance stop crayfish reaching other waters

Among a recommendations were improved graduation of a area, serve monitoring of fish numbers and continued government of a fishery.

Reaction to a report

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Galloway Glens

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The news found fish batch levels in a waters remained healthy

Nick Chisholm, Galloway Glens plan officer, said: “The participation of crayfish is not ideal, though this news illustrates a healthy and self-sustaining fishery. On a mainland of a British Isles there are really few furious stillwater fisheries of this magnitude; an angler could spend weeks exploring by bank and vessel and find something new on each visit.”

Scottish Natural Heritage’s Callum Sinclair said: “The commentary prove a healthy fishery and a stretchable and volatile set of anglers who have, in a main, blending their techniques to minimise a crayfish impact on a delight of their pastime.”

Jamie Ribbens, of a Galloway Fisheries Trust who undertook a report, said: “This was an engaging square of work to be concerned in delivering and it was enlivening to see how healthy a counterfeit fish race of Loch Ken is. There are many opportunities to rise this fishery serve for a advantage of a internal village and anglers from around a UK.”

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s Anne Connick said: “It is really enlivening to see a formula of this critical investigate that indicates there is a healthy counterfeit fish race in Loch Ken. This is good news for a environment, and also for internal and visiting anglers, and we will continue to work with a partners to assistance safeguard a tolerable destiny of Loch Ken.”

Karen Morley, panorama growth officer during Dumfries and Galloway Council, added: “Coarse angling is one of a many activities upheld by a loch, it is engaging to see a considerable distance of some of a fish being held around a loch in new years and we will be doing all we can to make certain this extraordinary healthy apparatus is used to expostulate mercantile activity and inspire some-more people to visit.”

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