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M4 traffic chaos: Massive 45-mile tailback as thousands of fans head to …

Motorists are caught up in a massive 45-mile traffic tailback on the M4 as thousands of music fans head to a One Direction gig in Cardiff.

The concert is due to be held at the Millennium Stadium in the city centre tonight – with many fans travelling there by road.


The Manic Street Preachers are also playing a gig at Cardiff Castle as part of the BBC’s UK-wide Music Day – meaning thousands more fans on the roads around the city.

The giant tailback is reportedly affecting the stretch of the M4 westbound between junction 17 at Chippenham and junction 26 at Malpas, Newport.

Traffic Wales who are in charge of controlling traffic across Wales described the M4 as “incredibly busy.”

Dedicated fans who travelled from England would have faced “horrendous” delays of more than two hours.

Traffic Wales pointed out that drivers faced delays of an hour and 45 minutes to get from junction 17 to junction 22 before being hit by another 45 minute delay as they continued their journey through to junction 26 in Wales.

A Traffic Wales spokesman said: “It is definitely because of the two concerts. One Direction, it is estimated has about 50,000 people in the stadium for them tonight and tomorrow, while there is 10,000 for the Manic Street Preachers for tonight. The traffic is flowing but slowly.”

Excitement builds at One Direction gig in Cardiff

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Similar traffic jams were seen when the 2010 Ryder Cup was staged at Celtic Manor but the spokesman added “it is not something you see every day”. He said there had been no accidents but “it is just the sheer volume of traffic”.

It comes as heavy traffic hits the roads with commuters making their way home to the west from London and elsewhere for the weekend.

People have been taking to Twitter to voice their frustration.

Dave Morgan tweeted: “45 mile traffic jam on M4 so fans may end up in Barry Island as Cardiff is getting full.”

Daffyd William Morgan joked: “45 mile stop-start traffic on M4 Westbound towards Cardiff for the 1D concert. There’s a reason they’re called One Direction.

Stay with us for more information.

Tonight’s concert comes after One Direction heart throb revealed that morale remains high within the group after Zayn Malik split with them.

One Direction morale is high after Zayn split says Harry Styles


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