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Man accused of murdering a toddler tells jury ‘I haven’t done anything’

A man accused of murdering his partner’s toddler has sworn that he had never put his hands on him.

Sean Buckley, 28, is standing trial at Cardiff Crown Court accused of murdering 17-month old Finley Thomas, who was found injured at his home in Adams Street, Tonypandy , on September 23, 2014, which he denies.

He is also accused of child cruelty along with his partner and Finley’s mother Chloe Thomas, 25, which they both deny.

Prosecutors allege Finley suffered “catastrophic” head injuries in a “deliberate and vicious” attack by Buckley.

The jurors have been shown a white garden chair which prosecutor Roger Thomas QC said the little boy was either hit with or struck against. He is also said to have suffered earlier injuries in the weeks before he was taken to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where he died the day after his admission.

‘Blunt force head injury’

A pathologist concluded that Finley lost his life through a “blunt force head injury”.

On Friday, transcripts were read to Cardiff Crown Court from Buckley’s police interview following his arrest. During the interview, Buckley was asked what had caused the injuries to Finley.

He said: “The dog bumped into Finley and hit him down the stairs off his feet. He got up and started crying. His nose was bleeding and it wouldn’t stop so I told Chloe to keep his nose back. He didn’t fall very hard. He fell on the stairs at the bottom, he landed and got up. He was saying ‘daddy, daddy.”

Buckley was then asked if they took Finley to the doctors.

He said: “No because his nose bleed stopped. He was his normal self and he was cwtchy with his mother. He just got up and started playing with the dogs.”

Buckley was asked again why they had sought no medical attention for Finley.

He said: “If it was my child I would have phoned an ambulance and had a paramedic come, but I left that decision to his mother.”

‘I haven’t done anything’

In a second interview, Buckley was again asked why the couple did not take Finley to hospital.

He said: “I put my hands up and put them on the Bible, I haven’t done anything to Finley whatsoever.”

He described his relationship with Thomas as a “loving one” but added that his partner worried that he would get back with his ex-girlfriend, which he dismissed.

In another interview, Buckley said: “I am not responsible for any injuries to Finley whatsoever and Chloe is not responsible for any injuries caused to Finley.”

The court previously heard that a post mortem examination showed Finley had cocaine and cannabis in his body. The jury was also told that Thomas became hooked on the illegal drugs and diazepam during her “infatuation” with boyfriend Buckley.

In another police interview, Buckley admitted to having taken cocaine, regularly smoking cannabis, and had a prescription to diazepam.

When asked if he had had any involvement with the drugs found in Finley’s body, he denied it. He also said he did not see Thomas expose her son to drugs.

The trial continues.

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