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Home / Latest News / Man found not guilty of New Year’s Eve attack on Charlotte Church’s step-dad

Man found not guilty of New Year’s Eve attack on Charlotte Church’s step-dad

A New Year’s Eve reveller has been cleared of attacking Charlotte Church’s stepfather in the gents’ toilets of a snooker hall.

James Church, 47, suffered a fractured eye socket and other facial injuries at the Potters Bar pool hall, now known as the Canton Sports Club, on Leckwith Road.

Robert Moore, 46, claimed he saw Mr Church using cocaine at the party and the singer’s father later asked if people were “doing” the Class A drug.

The two men later bumped into each other in the club toilets where the violence erupted.

Mr Church claimed he was kicked and stamped on, but Mr Moore, of Warwick Street, Grangetown, always said he was acting in self-defence.

A jury at Cardiff Crown Court today found Mr Moore not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and inflicting grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Mrs Church had earlier described how she screamed when she saw her husband’s injured face as he came out of the gents’ toilets around 4am on January 1.

“I have never seen anything like it – I was in a state of utter shock – he was covered in blood and both his eyes were closed,” she told the jurors.

“It took him seven weeks to heal physically but we still haven’t recovered emotionally.”

She said they were both “merry” and “happy”, but not drunk.

The prosecution claimed Mr Moore followed Mr Church into the gents and hit him over the head with a bottle, causing him to fall before kicking and stamping on him.

But the accused man described that as “nonsense”.

Charlotte Church's parents James and Maria Church arriving at Cardiff Crown Court
Charlotte Church’s parents James and Maria Church arriving at Cardiff Crown Court


He said he saw the step-dad snorting cocaine earlier in the night “bending down with a note and sniffing it off the cistern” and that Mr Church asked him if he had some of the drug later, before becoming aggressive.

The allegations were strongly denied by Mr Church and by prosecuting counsel Jeremy Jenkins who described it as an attempt to blacken the injured man’s name.

Mr Moore told the jury: “I was in the toilets first, he came in and I was the one attacked.”

He described a scuffle between them on the floor and said Mr Church’s fractured eye socket and facial injuries could have been caused as other people tried to open the door.

A foot mark alleged to have been on his forehead could have been caused by the “stampede” of other men into the urinals as the door eventually opened.

Mr Moore said: “He came at me with his fists clenched to have a fight. I think one punch caught me.

“I put my hands up and held him – he’s a big lad – and managed to push him back against the wall.

“But he was still trying to punch me and I defended myself.

“If those were the injuries caused then I am sorry but he attacked me.

“The man wanted to have a fight with me but came off second best.

“There was no kicking and no stamping.”

The prosecution, on the other hand, said the performer’s step parent had been the victim of a “sustained attack”.

The court heard of a previous dispute between Mr Church and others at the club, when he believed he was picked on just because he was Charlotte’s stepfather.

Mr Moore said he had been only the peacemaker on that occasion when he didn’t even know who Mr Church was and added: “He absolutely thinks he walks on water – thinks he’s God’s gift for some reason.”

The jury had asked the judge for clarification on a claim of “self defence” before returning their verdicts.

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