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Meet podgy pooch Duke who used to weigh nearly 10st and steal children’s …

Meet Duke – the chubby dog who used to tip the scales at nearly 10st but has managed to shed 10% of his body weight and now enjoys going for walks again.

His owners admit the Labrador used to steal sweets from children, munch his way through packets of crisps and use his puppy eyes to guilt trip them into sharing their dinner.

Owner Clint Attard said his podgy pet used to be “exhausted” after walks, but now jumps up and down when he sees his lead.

‘It hasn’t been easy’

“It hasn’t been easy, but we’re getting there,” said Clint, from St Mellons in Cardiff, who enrolled Duke in a Pet Fit Club competition.

Duke used to weigh more than twice the recommended weight for a Labrador, but after six months he lost 11lb – nearly 10% of his initial body weight.

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Clint admitted that too much food and too little exercise were to blame for his dog’s size.

He said: “It has been hard getting Duke used to his new slim-line portions and lack of treats.

‘Guilty of spoiling him’

“My parents are guilty of spoiling him, so it’s been a culture change for the entire family, but we’ve all cut back to support him.”

He added: “He’s such a loving dog and we’re definitely starting to see the benefits of his new regime.

“He’s always enjoyed his walks but now he’s really excited when he sees the lead – it’s like he’s won the lottery!

“And before he would be exhausted when he got home, but he seems much fitter now and less out of breath, which is great to see.”

Pet Fit Club

Pet Fit Club is run by veterinary charity the PDSA, which recruits Britain’s fattest pets each year to undertake a six-month diet and exercise competition.

Duke’s diet has been supervised by vet nurse Karen Jones, from the Cardiff PDSA pet hospital.

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She said: “Clint has worked hard to keep Duke on the diet and they’re now starting to see rewards for all their hard work.

“It’s wonderful to see how much happier he is now he’s shed some of the extra pounds. Hopefully in a few months he’ll hit his target weight and live a longer, healthier life.”

Clint added: “I’m so proud of the weight Duke has lost. Duke has still got a way to go before he reaches his ideal weight, but I’m determined to help him get there.”

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