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Mindless vandals aim Wepre Park anglers code new noticeboard

NOTE: This calm is aged – Published: Wednesday, Jan 16th, 2019.

Connah’s Quay Angling Club is counting a cost of a foolish act of desolation that took place progressing this week. 

A code new notice house during a Rosie Pool in Wepre Park has been trashed by vandals only 3 days after being put up.

The incident is accepted to have taken place on Monday evening.

James Davies, Connah’s Quay Angling Club Treasurer pronounced a bar is ‘absolutely heartbroken’ by a latest hitch of vandalism.

The new noticeboards, saved by Flintshire Local Volunteer Council were erected on Friday.

James pronounced he had a voicemail from a bar member on Tuesday morning revelation him one of a new noticeboards has been vandalised, “it appears they have attempted to force open a doors and in doing so has burst a glass.” James said. 

“As we can suppose it has left a club’s cabinet and bailiff group sad and really indignant that a bar has been targeted again and it’s infrastructure damaged.” James added. 

Club bailiffs have worked tough in handling a area surrounding a pool that has helped revoke anti-social function though a new incidents of foolish desolation will cost a club, that is run by volunteers, hundreds of pounds to fix.

A orator for a Angling Club bailiff group said: “Why do they consider a ok to means this damage, to destroy a mint notice board?

The group put these in place to urge a Rosie’s infrastructure and interest and to see someone vandalize this is really disappointing.

But you’ll not win, a bailiff group will lift on with a work and continue to yield a village with an glorious fishing venue.”

Anyone with any information should hit North Wales Police on 101 or around a live web chat 

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