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Music to motivate you while in training: share our playlists

To help you get motivated, and stay motivated, throughout your training, we have devised three playlists for you to subscribe to on Spotify. These playlists, at the moment, are ten songs long. The perfect length to jog to. Our playlists are a massively eclectic mix of music ranging from the real classics to modern day hits that will get you pumped up and running.

Kicking off the playlist is Destiny’s Child empowering anthem Survivor. Thinking about it, this may be good to put at the end of the playlist once that run has been completed …

The second song is Gloria Gaynor’s glorious disco belter, I Will Survive. We’ve spared you the 8 minute long original and gone for the radio cut of this song. It will get you pumped up in the opening 10 minutes of your run.

At around ten minutes in, you may start to feel like a half hour run is completely out of your reach. Journey’s classic Don’t Stop Believin’ will take you through the doubt and push you on to keep going.

You’ll be right into the running rhythm now. Confidence will be coursing through your veins as you hit your stride. You’ll want to go on forever and Queen’s joyous Don’t Stop Me Now will keep you on course for a record time.

All this exercise will leave you feeling invigorated but, as it’s getting warmer outside, the sweat might well be dripping off you. As Snoop Dogg and David Guetta’s track, Sweat, hits your ears, you will be delivered the extra motivation you need. 

You are over halfway through the run now and may need some further encouragement to get you over the mid-run hump. Black Eyed Peas fee-good anthem, Pump It, is there to make you pump those legs harder and get you through the hump.

The run might now be giving you confidence in your look and you might well be feeling good thanks to the exercise. LMFAO released their workout themed song Sexy and I Know It for that motivation.

You’ll be coming to the end of your run now. Your legs will be heavy and you will need that final push to get you over the finish line. Levels by Avicii will push you on to complete the run. And David Guetta’s Titanium will have you feeling invincible as you hit the home stretch.

With your run complete and your body awash with endorphins, you will be feeling truly excellent and who better to sing you home than James Brown.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it. These are just our preferences when it comes to music and running. What songs do you run to? What gets you pumped and motivate for a run? Tweet us @Cardiff10k or put your selections in the comments below. We will then add these to our playlists …

Cardiff 10k Playlist 1

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