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Myles Gibson: Angler dubbed ‘Rodfather’ fined for bootleg fishing

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Myles Gibson was held after a design of him posing with a fish seemed in an attention magazine

A veteran angler once dubbed “The Rodfather” has been fined after illegally throwing a esteem canopy from a stable lake.

Myles Gibson held a 51lb (23kg) fish during Tatton Park Mere in Cheshire before putting it behind into a water.

But a justice listened he had no looseness to fish during a National Trust site and was held after a sketch was published in a Angling Times.

Gibson was found guilty of bootleg fishing and fined £240.

The angler, from Middlewich, Cheshire, was also systematic to compensate £620 in justice costs after a conference during Macclesfield Magistrates Court.

‘Climbed over fences’

The 30-year-old fish, named Jim’s Carp, was referred to as “the vast one” during a conference and was held on private land, that is also a site of special systematic interest.

Fishing is authorised in a small usually during certain times and usually after a squeeze of a £6 licence, a justice heard.

Gibson went to a area in a early hours and climbed over farmers’ fences before negotiating a vast sidestep to strech a water.

Concerns were lifted after an officer from a Environment Agency speckled a sketch and contacted rangers during Tatton Park.

A military debate targeting bootleg fishing during a park was already underneath way, and Gibson was charged after attending a military talk voluntarily.

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