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No fishing looseness costs Wolverhampton male £600 Wolverhampton

Shaun Layton, of Low Hill Crescent, will compensate fines and costs totalling £611.47 after a box was valid in his deficiency by magistrates in Northampton on Tuesday.

Layton, 32, was charged with fishing but a looseness after he was seen fishing during Baden Hall Fishery, Eccleshall, on Sep 30 final year by an Environment Agency coercion officer.

A orator from a group said: “An annual fishing looseness costs only £30, nonetheless a tiny series of anglers continue to gibe a law and risk charge for fishing but a looseness and breaching bylaws in place to strengthen fish stocks.

“It’s critical anglers have a looseness before fishing; a income from licences is invested into England’s fisheries and rivers; improving a competition of angling.

“Anglers should also safeguard that they are informed with a bylaws, that are accessible on a Environment Agency web pages.”

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