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Severn barrage

‘No destiny for a Severn barrage’

Severn barragePLANS for a £35 billion Severn barrage demeanour effectively passed in a water.

A organisation of MPs on an successful House of Commons name cabinet has resolved a box for a tidal fusillade opposite a Severn bay to beget electricity is as nonetheless “unproven”.

It can't suggest a Hafren Power scheme, describing it as “no horseman in resplendent armour for renewables”.

There will be cheers from a Bristol Port association as a outcome should concede it to go forward with skeleton for a low enclosure pier that could emanate thousands of jobs.


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The committee’s end follows some-more than 6 months of entertainment information and conference from experts on a mercantile and environmental impacts of a scheme.

In a news published currently – A Severn Barrage? – MPs contend that while a fusillade could assistance tackle meridian change, a Hafren Power intrigue had unsuccessful to denote economic, environmental and open acceptability.

Hafren Power due an 11-mile bound tidal fusillade between Brean and Lavernock Point.

Although construction of a fusillade would be secretly financed, Government support would be compulsory for approximately 30 years.

Tim Yeo MP, cabinet chairman, said: “We are not assured that a mercantile box for a due fusillade is clever enough.

“The Hafren Power plan in a stream form has not demonstrated sufficient value as a low-carbon appetite source to overrule internal business and environmental concerns.”

The news pronounced that attention concerns – including from Bristol Port – had not been “fully addressed”, while a impact on jobs and expansion “remains unclear”.

Mr Yeo urged a Government to cruise harnessing a river’s large tidal operation in a some-more tolerable and cost-effective way.

It stays for a Government to make a final preference following a committee’s news that is published today.

The Royal Society for a Protection of Birds and a horde of other environmental groups have welcomed a findings.

Bristol West MP Stephen Williams would like to see a Severn’s appetite harnessed in a smaller-scale project.

He said: “I am really penetrating for us to press forward with drumming a purify appetite intensity of a Severn. We contingency do this though deleterious a Port of Bristol or a ecology of a bay itself. A outrageous fusillade from Brean Down to Lavernock is therefore out of a question.

“A smaller barrage, over a Shoots stones nearby a dual bridges, would accommodate a bill, as would lagoons on a coast.

“We need sea scientists and engineers to determine a best choice and for Government to work with a appetite attention to get a intrigue constructed.”

Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie concluded and pronounced a committee’s news seemed like a “common-sense conclusion”.

She said: “I do not cruise anyone is opposite a judgment of harnessing a healthy appetite – that is a no brainer – though a doubt is always is this volume of output and cost to jobs value it?

“We really need to do something to strap a Severn and Bristol is a really immature city. But like all these things it is easy to get starry eyed about a large idol of greenness. we am most some-more meddlesome in what produces a best results.”

Simon Bird, Bristol Port’s arch executive, said: “The name cabinet has review by and listened to masses of justification and come to a usually essential end that a Severn Barrage brings with it rare problems.

“The fusillade has been killed off by MPs – again – since it is a bad idea.

“Hafren Power’s PR appurtenance has been challenging – though as venerable physicist Richard Feynman said: ‘For a successful technology, existence contingency take dominance over open family for inlet can't be fooled.’

“Hafren Power presented a woefully-inadequate, misled offer and we are blissful to see a behind of it.”

The pier has prolonged argued that a Severn Barrage would suppress destiny expansion and therefore repairs a chances of formulating thousands of new jobs in a region.

Mr Bird pronounced a pier has fake an fondness with other firms and bodies and a University of a West of England to find new ways of generating appetite from a Severn though “unacceptable repairs to a sourroundings and with genuine mercantile benefits”.

Meanwhile a RSPB responded to a news with a call for a new perspective on a era of renewable appetite from a estuary.

Peter Jones, a charge officer with a RSPB, said: “We should now pierce on to cruise severely choice ways of harnessing tidal appetite though doing unsuitable mistreat to a habitats and wildlife that they support.”

Martin Spray, arch executive of a Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, pronounced it is time to stop wasting open money.

Mark Lloyd, of a Angling Trust, pronounced a preference would save 83 class of fish.

Matthew Sinclair, arch executive of TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “It is good news that a cabinet has deserted a latest offer for an enormously-expensive Severn Barrage.

“It would be a sad understanding for a nation and a terrible weight on families already struggling with their appetite bills.

Neath MP Peter Hain, who quiescent his front-bench position in sequence to debate for a barrage, pronounced a “ball was now resolutely in a Government’s court”.

He said: “The skeleton are in place and a £25 billion from private investors is on standby though will not be around forever.”

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