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Monster Halibut

Norway angler reels in 97lb fish suspicion to be second largest ever caught

Steve Ace was on holiday in Norway when he landed his savage catch. The hulk halibut was sliced into 56 fillets value £1,000 during a fish marketplace however, Steve handed out a fillets to locals where a fish was landed.

He said: ‘Catching this fish was an comprehensive conflict and exhausting’

By Ben Wilkinson for a Daily Mail

After a tiresome half hour struggle, it took dual group to transport this huge halibut to a seaside and swell it on to a scales.

The 97lb hulk prosaic fish was afterwards sliced adult into 56 fillets – value £1,000 during a fish marketplace – and given divided to locals in a Norwegian city where it was reeled in.

The 5ft 6ins halibut is suspicion to be a second largest ever to be held from a seaside with a record station during 112lbs.


Steve Ace, graphic with his savage catch, managed to land a halibut that was value £1,000

It was landed by British angler Steve Ace, 51, towards a finish of a 10-day fishing trip.

He said: ‘When she initial pennyless a aspect we couldn’t trust my eyes, it was an overwhelming sight, a savage halibut.’



Steve Ace’s halibut is a second largest ever to be held by an angler station on a shore.

The record for a seaside held halibut stands during 111lb 15oz and was reeled in nearby Bodo, Norway, by Briton Simon Smith in 2014.

The largest halibut ever held was a 513lb savage hauled onto a vessel from low seas off Norway in 2013.

Their local medium is a Northern Atlantic, from Greenland to a Barents Sea and as distant South as a Bay of Biscay.

It is suspicion they can strech adult to 15ft in length and live for adult to 50 years.

Their diet is customarily other fish like cod, haddock and herring. They face predation from seals and a Greenland shark.

Mr Ace, who works in a fishing tackle emporium in Bristol, was with crony Gary Withey nearby a Norwegian city of Bodo when his line was snagged by a 4ft far-reaching fish.

He pronounced when a savage held his line it felt like he had held a Ford Transit van.

He said: ‘Catching this thing was an comprehensive conflict and was exhausting. When a fish that large takes your line we have to take your time differently it is gone, though it was intense. It was like unresolved on to a Ford Transit.

‘It was a large service to lift it in. There was a lot of vigour on my rod, though even some-more on my bad back.

‘I’ve been overjoyed ever since, it was a ideal finish to a 10 day fishing bender.’

It took both group to lift a savage onto a beam where it weighed a strong 96lb 8oz.

Mr Ace’s hulk locate comes only weeks after British angler Tom Ascott, from Sturminster Newton, Dorset, bending a universe record 66lb shore-caught cod in Norway.

Monster Halibut

Steve Ace, pictured, pronounced he could not trust his eyes when he was means to tilt in a large halibut

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