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Nottinghamshire lake reopens after outbreak of koi herpes

A Nottinghamshire lake which suffered an outbreak of deadly koi herpes has reopened to fishing.

Back in early July, the disease was spotted at Newstead and Annesley Country Park in Newstead Village and the lake was closed for weeks to deal with it.

Now the outbreak is under control and the lake reopened two weeks ago.

Koi Herpesvirus is a disease which affects carp and is highly contagious and spread by “fish to fish contact” and infected water according to the Fish Health Inspectorate.

It occurs when the water temperature goes above 16 degrees and causes patches to appear on gills, eyes to sink and skin to go rough.

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Mick Leivers, the managing director of CAST (Cornerstone Angling Skills Training) which runs the lake, believes it could have been brought in by people dumping unwanted goldfish or fishing with contaminated equipment.

He stressed there was no threat to the public and they closed the fishery for longer than necessary to make sure it was over.

An example of fish herpies

An example of fish herpies
(Image: Fish Health Inspectorate)

They have also put up clear signs to let people know about the infection – as once koi herpes is in the lake it does not leave.

He told Nottinghamshire Live: “It’s a disease which has happened all over the East Midlands. It is endemic here.”

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