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Office workers ‘should stand more,’ Cardiff seminar hears

Call centre staff standing up to do their jobs

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Some call centre staff stand up to do their job

Office workers should avoid sitting for prolonged periods if they want to cut their risk of diabetes and heart disease, a seminar has been told.

Instead they should have walking meetings and walk to talk to their colleagues rather than using email.

There is growing evidence that the more time people spend sitting, the less healthy they may be.

The Cardiff University seminar heard office-based jobs encourage workers to sit for 75% of the day.

Guidelines recommend that people of all ages should avoid being sedentary for prolonged periods.

But around half of people in the UK have sedentary working lives.

Health specialists from across Wales met on Thursday to discuss the risks of sedentary behaviour at work at the meeting hosted by Cardiff University’s Decipher public health team, and to discuss the latest ideas to encourage people to walk more at work.

Dr Jemma Hawkins, specialist in public health research at Cardiff University, said: “Sitting at work is the main source of sedentary behaviour for many working age adults.”

One of the delegates, Emma Williams, development manager at Women’s Aid in Rhondda Cynon Taf, said: “Our organisation promotes walking to speak to colleagues rather than emailing, telephoning, etc, and standing up and moving around often.”

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