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Over 50 actiity

Over 50’s activities in Cardiff

With 50 now the new 30 over 50’s activities are probably going to be a bit more out there than if we had written this article 20 years ago.

While classic leisure activities remain and we list some of those below there is a far greater participation in more vigorous activities for the over 50’s.

Solo Seniors

Typical activities for this over 50’s group are cheese and wine tasting, a pub evening skittles, meals out together. Sunday lunch at Cardiff Golf club sounds good!

Also included are picnics, brass bands coffee mornings and theatre and cinema, trips out.

They make good use of the parks and gardens in the area with trips to Tredegar house, Usk and Roath Park.


Over 50’s Solo Seniors Contact details.

02920 635 498 or email


If you are looking for a comprehensive list of activities for the over 50’s then there is probably nothing more comprehensive than this, the URL may be long but check it out!$All)/6E78F53D099F5D158025755100541C1E/$File/Activities%20for%20the%2050%2B%20in%20Cardiff%20(2008).pdf?OpenElement


The list includes physical activities with stretching classes and keep fit gardening, cooking.

If you like sport then swimming, riding, badminton and cycling are in there too.

There are over 50’s football matches to be seen at the millennium Stadium.

A recent England Wales game ended in a 4-0 win for Wales, though the result didn’t really matter a sit was raising money for prostate cancer.

If you want more info on over 50’s football the Wales Veterans Football league website is the place to go. We quite like the photo as it just goes to show that competitive spirit certainly doe not diminish with age.

Over 50's Football England Wales

Walking and rambling are not really sports, though it might make an interesting Olympic Event with only over 50’s qualifying!

Support groups for common health problems like osteoporosis and diabetes are included with the required contact numbers for the over 50’s.

Age Concern constantly updates the list.


Over 50’s Age Concern Contact Details

Age Concern Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan –

Tel: 029 2052 1052



Meet Up Groups

You may not have come across these yet but surfing the net will bring you into contact with a site called

This is a brilliant resource that allows people to meet as a group, it might be over 50’s but it doesn’t need to be.

It has a whole range of groups and if there isn’t one you can make one!


Search for an over 50’s group in Bristol, Newcastle or Plymouth and arrange a trip.

To give you and idea there is even a group for expatriate Americans in Cardiff, not sure they are over 50’s though!

So check out the over 50’s Meet up groups to see how they work, there is one in Bristol.








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