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Home / Entertainment / Pembrokeshire welcomes five new Dark Sky Discovery Sites

Pembrokeshire welcomes five new Dark Sky Discovery Sites

Pembrokeshire has welcomed a handful of new Dark Sky Discovery Sites, a nationally-recognised designation for top stargazing spots across the UK.

Nominated by the National Trust and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, the car parks at Garn Fawr, Kete, Martin’s Haven and Skrinkle Haven, along with Sychpant picnic site , have all been acknowledged as great places to enjoy clear views of the night sky, with the Milky Way visible after-dark.

Dark sky status set to boost tourism in Snowdonia

Dark Sky Discovery Sites are recognised by the Dark Sky Discovery Partnership as places within the UK that are both dark and easily accessible, but where it is possible to observe the spectacle of the Milky Way or the constellations, such as Orion, with the naked eye.

Pembrokeshire’s five new sites join a network of over 100 across the UK, including local Broadhaven South, which was designated as the county’s first DSD site in 2013.

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Jonathan Hughes, the National Trust’s General Manager for Pembrokeshire, said: “There’s something special about being able to immerse yourself in the darkness of night, surrounded by distant galaxies.

“Looking out to sea gives the experience an extra dimension, and makes the skies seem bigger and the stars seem brighter.”

The successful nominations form part of a wider partnership project, Dark Skies: Brilliant Parks , led by Wales’ National Park Authorities to encourage more people to observe the Welsh landscape in a whole new light.

Pembrokeshire Coast heralded one of the best national parks in the world

National Park Authority Chairman Cllr Mike James said: “These new sites will highlight the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park as one of the very best places to view the night sky and encourage more people to enjoy its remoteness, tranquillity and wildness.

“It is hoped that this will help to extend the tourism season and in turn provide a boost to the local economy.

“The National Park Authority is delighted to have been able to work with the National Trust to develop this network of Dark Sky Discovery Sites in the National Park and we hope that further locations will be added in the future.”

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