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Perthshire fishing rent rebate after poor catches

A scheme to partially reimburse Perthshire fisherman has been welcomed by the Perth and District Anglers Association (PDAA) in light of last year’s salmon fishing crisis on the River Tay.

Many Crown Estate Scotland fishermen and angling association tenants in Perthshire will receive significant rebates on their salmon fishing rents from 2019 to 2021.

The move is in response to recent damning figures revealing that 2018 was the worst year for wild salmon catches in Scotland since records began in 1952.

The statistics show catches in the River Tay have dropped 43.5 per cent from the previous 10-year average.

As a result, the Crown Estate Scotland scheme will provide rebates of up to 50 per cent to fishing tenants until 2021.

It is hoped this additional support will reduce financial pressure on tenants and enable them to look to plan for the longer term.

On hearing the announcement, a spokesperson for the Perth and District Anglers Association (PDAA) said: “The action by the Crown Estates is welcome and indicates a real willingness to help the current situation.

“The important outcome of these rebates and reductions is that the beneficiaries continue to care for their beats by appropriate river management with a view to increasing the numbers of returning salmon.

“We also note that the Crown Estates is focussing on category two and three rivers.

“Category one rivers are also in dire straits and help is needed here too.

“This is why we believe there needs to be a lead organisation which can coordinate actions across all of our rivers.

“Hopefully, other organisations will do what they can to help and maintain the sense of urgency required.”

This new scheme follows rebates of 25 per cent for those in category three rivers over the last two years reflecting the challenges currently facing salmon fishing beats due to reductions in wild salmon populations in recent seasons.

Fiona Simpson, asset manager for Crown Estate Scotland, said: “We’re all aware of the pressures that we face as the numbers of adult fish returning from the marine environment continue to reduce.

“It’s vital that we gain greater knowledge of the factors causing this so that we can put in to place the correct management plans and that’s why we were so eager to contribute to the Missing Salmon project.

“In the meantime, it’s only right that we help our tenants as they try to deal with the consequences of falling fish numbers.”

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