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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Police called to reports that fish are being stolen from this Gloucestershire lake

Police called to reports that fish are being stolen from this Gloucestershire lake

Police are questioning reports that fish thieves have targeted a Gloucestershire lake.

Anglers called in military after being shown Facebook posts of group with fish believed to have been taken from a former colliery site in a Forest of Dean.

Water bailiffs contend they are constantly chasing poachers fishing for canopy to eat from lakes opposite a country.

Water lillies on Lightmoor Pool nearby Cinderford

But they contend a problem during Lightmoor Pool nearby Cinderford is removing out of palm since it is being finished so blatantly and has been highlighted on amicable media.

Adrian Lane says members of The Royal Forest of Dean Angling Club are so indignant some of them have sealed adult to turn H2O bailiffs so they can check a lake around a clock.

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Both a military and a Environment Agency have concluded to boost their patrols, he said.

“They are robbing a lake blind and a problem is that a canopy we have in a lake cost hundreds of times some-more than a ones they eat in Eastern Europe,” he said.

Lightmoor pool

“We have only put dual fish in Steam Mills Lake that cost around £3,000 and we only can't means to keep losing them like this.

“They know accurately what they are doing and one week we chased around a dozen group fishing illegally during a lake.

“They could only go to a Morrisons fish opposite down a highway in Ross-on-Wye though they select come here.

“They haven’t emptied it nonetheless though we can't let it go on since it’s spoiling it for everybody else.”

Carp is a renouned plate in Eastern Europe though anglers locate and lapse a fish they locate to a waters so they can multiply and grow.

Mature canopy found in a lake are value thousands of pounds, distinct a younger, smaller versions seen on supermarket fish counters.

He added: “We wish to highlight that it’s only a really tiny minority. We have members of a bar from Eastern Europe who fish within a rules.

“But people are removing really indignant and we wish to make certain this is sorted out within a law. “

Bear Grylls
(Image: Channel 4)

Mr Lane says he comes opposite a peculiar non-Eastern European poacher, though he believes migrants are especially behind a blank carp.

“We did have a problem when Bear Grylls was on a radio throwing fish and eating it,” he said.

Learn to fish for giveaway

Royal Forest of Dean Angling Club are hosting a giveaway ‘Let’s Go Family Fishing on Jun 23 2018 from 9am until 5pm during Lightmoor Pool

Anglers from 4 years onwards are means to participate, all tackle and attract will be supposing free, along with organisation from experienced, lerned anglers. Adults contingency stay with a child.

Lightmoor Pool is only off a B4226 nearby Cinderford. Turn during a pointer for Forest Products and lift on to find a lake.

Places are singular so email: or find information on a website,

“People didn’t realize he was in a center of a jungle and it’s not a same over here. We indeed had people plainly BBQing fish they had held during a side of a lake.”

(Image: Surrey Advertiser)

A orator said: “We can endorse that Gloucestershire Constabulary has perceived a series of reports of people stealing, or attempting to steal, canopy from private waters within a Forest of Dean recently.

“No arrests have been made, and no offenders identified, though officers from a farming crime group are operative with a Angling Trust and a Environment Agency, and they control unchanging patrols to brand and deter intensity offenders.

“The Force is sealed adult to Operation Leviathan, a multi-force, multi-agency beginning that tackles a bootleg holding of fish.

“We inspire anyone who has information about incidents or people they think of hidden fish, or committing any other form of wildlife crime, to news it to us on 101.”

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