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Home / Latest News / REVIEW: Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

REVIEW: Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

There are few brands bigger than Disney.

The cartoon giant has cornered the animated market and in doing so has created an empire that touches every corner of the globe.

For those who can’t make it to the assorted Disney theme parks dotted across the world map, the entertainment colossus will happily bring the experience to you as an army of their most famous characters past and present were corralled together for Disney Live’s new money-spinning production Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show.

To prove just how big business this was the foyer at the Wales Millennium Centre was littered with stalls selling Disney merchandise of all shapes and sizes. This was a sell so hard, it had probably grown up in a young offender’s institute.

Of course, this feast of glittering delights only served to prompt the younger members of the audience into a screeching miasma of saucer-eyed delirium.

Such was the pester power being imparted you could almost hear the collective groan of mum’s purse and dad’s wallet as the charge of the little brigade began.

Blindfolding my daughter and leading her through the foyer to the auditorium (I didn’t) the excitement was cranked up a notch from excitable to frenzied as the outline of the world’s most famous over-sized rodent was projected onto the stage curtains.

In Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show – austerity Britain was left at the door and perma-grins abounded as an American host, who was so unremittingly chirpy he made British children’s TV presenters seem like Morrissey in comparison, whipped the crowd into shape with a mixture of pantomime tactics and boundless enthusiasm.

Despite wondering which prescription drugs the cast were on this perpetual juggernaut of a production backed up the hype by putting on a show that was a feast for the eyes.

The premise was that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald headed off on a very special road trip to round up acts for their latest talent show. In Mickey’s fantastical bus, they were able to soar over mountains and plunge underwater in their search for performers.

Aided by giant video screens and scenic visuals Cinderella, Tigger and the stars of Toy Story paraded their various talents – singing, dancing, juggling and leaping around to a soundtrack of popular Disney tunes.

With the production values of a big budget Las Vegas show, it was a non-stop cavalcade that was almost vaudevillian in its old school values of showmanship and entertainment – proving not only that this particular talent show had the X factor but Disney’s Got Talent … in abundance.

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