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River Dee angler reels in sporran lost by wedding guest

“When my line totally went dead I said, ‘I don’t know what I’ve got at the end of this but it’s definitely not a salmon. Every time I was trying to reel it in, the water was pulling it back down the river so for about five or ten minutes I was battling trying to pull it out.

“When I pulled it out and found that it was a sporran I said to my friend, ‘You will never guess in a million years what I’ve caught’. It was hilarious. It had all of Arran’s ID in it, his phone, his keys, about £50.

“I put a post on Facebook. As the afternoon went on I got a message from the guy saying ‘I heard you had a good catch this morning’. We met at dinner time and he told us he went in the river to get a picture and turned around and hundreds of people were cheering so he kept going. He told me to keep the money and get some beers but I said no, don’t be daft, I just found it.”

Arran said: “I was at a wedding, and I thought the river looked rather shallow and the spot across the river would make a fantastic photo opportunity. As I was going across, I started to stumble and caught myself but ripped the sporran off with my knee – it had my phone, bank card, keys for my house and cash. But the main thing was the sporran itself – it has been in the family quite a while, so I was thrilled when I found out that someone had found it.”

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