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River Usk: Outrage after 4×4 organisation ‘damage wildlife’

A 4x4 pushing by a stream UskImage copyright
David Lewis

Image caption

Anglers claims a 4×4 vehicles were driven “back and forth” by bird nests

A organisation of people shop-worn wildlife and uneasy stable class after pushing 4×4 vehicles by a river, it has been claimed.

David Lewis pronounced he called Natural Resources Wales (NRW) when he saw a vehicles enter a River Usk in Monmouthshire, on Sunday.

Landowner Bev Baker pronounced he was not benefaction during a eventuality and will forestall it from function in a future.

NRW pronounced a officers were not compulsory to attend though is investigating.

Angling publisher Mr Lewis mostly fishes on a widen of a river, that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Image copyright
David Lewis

Image caption

The landowner pronounced he was “gutted” to hear about what had happened

He pronounced sandpiper birds lapse to a area each May to nest on a tiny beach.

“Where are they going to nest now? The vehicles were pushing behind and onward over their nest site,” he said.

Mr Lewis pronounced anglers are also endangered since a shad – a stable class of fish – spawns in a stream during this time of year.


The BBC has schooled a organisation were holding partial in a regular, marshalled eventuality in woodland using alongside a river, though had no accede to enter a water.

“I was gutted to hear this, we have warned a bar that this can’t go on and we won’t let this occur again,” pronounced landowner Mr Baker.

Mr Lewis pronounced he reported a occurrence to NRW though was told no officers were accessible to attend.

Responding to Mr Lewis’ claims, NRW pronounced it is questioning a incident, adding it did not need “immediate attendance” since it did not trust any fish were killed and there was no pollution.

Gwent Police was sensitive of a incident.

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