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Rule change after ‘record-breaking’ canopy was palm bred afterwards placed in lake to be captured

If anything in the universe of angling could be described as ungentlemanly poise it is a use of depositing a specifically bred fish into a lake so it can after be claimed as a record-breaking catch.

But a robe is in risk of apropos so widespread that a British Record Fish Committee (BRFC) is to deliver a despotic new set of manners to safeguard any fish submitted for an try on a central annals was in fact innate and lifted in a lake where it was hooked.

The pierce follows a bid to register a 69lb 3oz canopy – a bruise heavier than a afterwards stream inhabitant record – as a new record, after angler Tom Doherty legitimately held a fish, named Big Rig, during a Shropshire lake in Sep 2016.

It after emerged that Rob Hales, a owners of RH Fisheries’ The Avenue lake, had bought a fish from a plantation during a weight of 40lb, before hand-rearing it to nearby a record weight, and fixation it into a lake.

As a outcome a BRFC has warned it might now need anglers to yield explanation of a fish’s “provenance” before usurpation any explain of a new record being set.

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