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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Salmon anglers set to keep fish they locate on some-more rivers in 2019

Salmon anglers set to keep fish they locate on some-more rivers in 2019

Anglers will be means to keep a salmon they locate on some-more rivers subsequent year than 2018 following improvements in a approach bonds are assessed.

The annual comment for a 2019 fishing deteriorate has been finished and Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has launched a yearly conference on a charge of salmon.

It invites representations or objections to due gradings for a 2019 angling season, inspiring 173 salmon rivers opposite Scotland. New regulations will be laid out thereafter.

Cunningham also launched a International Year of a Salmon 2019 campaign, directed during conserving and handling bonds around a world, on a River Earn during Forteviot, Perthshire.

She said: “I know that today’s news will be tenderly welcomed by anglers.

“It’s usually probable interjection to tighten operative between a Scottish Government and partners like Fisheries Management Scotland, internal fisheries trusts and other partners, that has authorised us to urge how we consider salmon stocks.

“Salmon numbers returning to Scottish rivers are still on a downward trend so there’s no room for complacency.

“Careful management, including intentional locate and release, and tighten co-operation is indispensable to safeguard we strengthen this iconic class for destiny generations.”

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