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Salmon honour for inspirational Perthshire angler Phil

Passionate angler Phil Rennie feared he would never bite a salmon deteriorate again after a harmful motorbike pile-up … writes Gordon Bannerman.

But scarcely 15 years on from an collision that left him in a coma for 6 months and fighting for his life, a businessman will make a initial expel on a River Tay’s famous Newtyle kick today.

Phil (30) supposed an invitation from Perthshire integrate Sandip and Samantha Datta, whose Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland business played a pivotal purpose in luring him behind to a riverbank.

“For a decade and some-more we suspicion we would never fish again. So I’m unequivocally looking brazen to what is certain to be a noted day,” pronounced a handling executive with IT specialists Tekserve.

“It has taken a lot of bid and stability to get behind to enjoying a competition we have desired given we was a child fishing a Ugie and Deveron rivers in Aberdeenshire.

“Fishing was my life when we was young.”

After his accident, doctors assessed Phil’s presence prospects during only 30 per cent.

But while he defied a contingency to travel again, connoisseur from Robert Gordon University and go on to settle his possess business, a captivate of a stream was never distant from his mind.

“I had finished a West Highland Way and climbed Ben Nevis though it was Samantha and Sandip who played a outrageous partial in removing me behind to a fishing after we contacted them 5 years ago.

“I owe them a outrageous debt of gratitude.

“That initial day on a Tay 5 years ago was positively romantic though some-more frustrating than anything else. It was only so strenuous and my fingers were lonesome in blisters since effectively we have a paralysed palm that has to be strapped to a rod.

“Casting creates a lot of attrition and behind afterwards we didn’t know how best to hoop it. we went by a lot of pain before reckoning out how to cope.

Phil Rennie will make a initial cast

“But now we have blending my hold and have special gloves and padding. There were copiousness obstacles to overcome though a expostulate and passion for salmon fishing never unequivocally left me.

“Now when we have a gangling notation that’s what we am adult to. Incredibly, I’m even means to tie my possess salmon flies again.”

Abernethy-based Salmon Fishing Holidays Scotland have built-up an general customers specialising in bespoke breaks and a “Big 4in4 Challenge” on a Tay, Tweed, Spey and a Dee.

A 30-strong organisation will be piped to a stream for a normal blessing a stream ceremony.

“We’re anxious that Phil supposed a invitation to make a initial cast,” pronounced Samantha.

“He is a truly inspirational guy. Like ourselves, he is ardent about salmon fishing and it’s smashing to have played even a tiny partial in bringing him behind to a competition we all love.”

Phil added: “I have seen Samantha and Sandip rave a good association in new years and for me fishing has always been about a people we accommodate along a way.

“Newtyle is traditionally a really prolific kick on opening day.

“I’ve never held a salmon on a initial day of a deteriorate so if we could lift that off it would make a arise even some-more special.”

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