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Scale force: citizen scientists tilt in information on salmon and sea trout

The Minister of State with shortcoming for internal fisheries, Seán Canney, is seeking assistance from anglers to turn citizen scientists for a National Salmon Scale Project. The beginning aims to collect information by beam from salmon and sea fish that will minister to a charge of furious salmon stocks.

“As we applaud general year of a salmon, this plan will assistance researchers know a hurdles that salmon are confronting today,” pronounced Mr Canney, who is Minister of State during a Department of Rural and Community Development.

Scales – even usually one scale – can exhibit a outrageous volume of information including age, how many winters spent during sea, how many times spawned, expansion rate, feeding settlement and how prolonged spent in a stream before going to sea.

Anglers are asked to take a scale representation by kindly scraping and stealing approximately 20 beam regulating a purify blade and posting samples to Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) in envelopes supposing (see below).

Scales can be private from harvested and catch-and-release fish; however, sampling of fish for recover should be rubbed carefully, with fish usually quickly private from a H2O and each bid done to equivocate damage or stress.

We can review how factors such as meridian change are impacting survival

Information gleaned from beam is used in environment charge boundary formed on a suit of salmon who have spent one or mixed winters during sea. The “conservation limit” represents a series of spawning salmon compulsory to furnish a subsequent generation, and this information helps surprise angling regulations and management.

Dr Paddy Gargan, IFI’s comparison investigate officer, said: “A scale apparatus that includes opposite stream systems in Ireland over several years is a good item from a investigate perspective. We can review how factors such as meridian change are impacting presence by analysing today’s salmon beam alongside those from many decades ago.”

All beam collected will be combined to a inhabitant salmon scale archive, that consists of a storage trickery and compared database, now holding 19,300 samples from 38 rivers representing 152 sampling years.

For some-more information and to ask representation envelopes, revisit

Ballycotton Big Fish contest off

Due to resources outward of a control, a Ballycotton Big Fish contest will not be going forward this September. “It is a good beating for all involved,” a matter from a organisers said.

Should a foe be rescheduled, sum will be announced immediately, giving participants a advantage of a longer lead-in time.

Good fishing in Mayo

East Mayo Anglers’ Association reported that 10 open salmon were hold on a H2O final week to element a 4 hold given their deteriorate opened. “Fishing should get a lot improved in May,” according to bar PRO John O’Connor.

Participants during a Introduction to Trout Angling march during Courtlough Fishery in Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Top of a fish fishing category in Balbriggan

The initial march of a deteriorate with Dr Ken Whelan and Jason O’Riordan, entitled Introduction to Trout Fishing, was hold progressing this month on Courtlough Fishery in Balbriggan, Co Dublin.

In between classes, participants managed to land 13 trout, with Donegal angler Barry Ramsay holding a honours with 5 well-conditioned rainbows including his best, a beauty of roughly 1.5kg.

If we imagination a day or half-day on Courtlough, hit Bill during 01-8413096 or

The subsequent march is scheduled for May 25th/26th on a stream Erriff, entitled Successful Salmon Fishing. As this is a really renouned course, greatfully book early to equivocate beating during

David Walsh commemorative eventuality on Lough Mask

Ballinrobe and District Anglers’ Association will horde a David Walsh Memorial Cup foe on Sunday May 5th out from Cushlough Bay on Lough Mask, from 11am until 6pm.

This is a pairs foe with a three-fish-per-angler limit. Entry price is €80 for non-boating aspirant and €50 for boating competitor. Weigh-in, food and display of prizes during clubhouse.

A display will also be done to Corrib Mask Search and Rescue on a evening. Entries to bar secretary Ray Broughton, Carra Cottage, Moorehall, Claremorris, Co Mayo.

If we have a news on game, sea or counterfeit fishing (with a print or two) that we would like published, greatfully hit me during a email addresses subsequent and we will do my pinnacle to have same published in a Monday online book of The Irish Times (other sports).

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